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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

Five Things That (Never) Happened to Justin Timberlake

by Joie, written for Jae


“This is so cool,” Justin exclaimed. “I’ve never been out of the country before!”

“Dude, and you’re never gonna if you don’t sit down,” Chris said, poking Justin in the back. “Move it, you’re blocking the aisle.”

“Oh, right,” Justin said. He continued walking down the aisle, scanning for his seat number. “I’m just, you know, excited.”

“Well, be excited and walk at the same time,” Chris grumbled as he slid into his seat.

“Don’t mind him,” JC said softly in Justin’s ear as he guided them to their seats. “He’s just grumpy because he didn’t get enough sleep last night.”

“I would have if someone hadn’t insisted on watching porn all night!” Chris shouted at JC over five rows.

Luckily, most of the other passengers didn’t speak English. JC still blushed a deep red and pushed Justin into his seat. “It wasn’t porn,” JC mumbled.

“Uh huh, suuuuure,” Justin laughed.

“It wasn’t porn!” JC exclaimed.

“JC loves porn! JC loves porn!” Justin sang, bouncing a little in his seat and catching the attention of the curious passenger next to him.

“Bitte,” the man said. “Was ist ‘porn’?”

JC and Justin looked at each other and burst out laughing. They were still wiping tears from their eyes half an hour later when their plane lifted off.


“I’m going to puke,” Justin mumbled. “Oh, God, I’ve never been this drunk before in my entire life.”

The guys laughed and one of them thumped him soundly on the back, causing Justin to retch and gag.

“I fucking hate all of you, you fucking cunt bag sons of whores,” Justin moaned. He was sweating and his skin had a definite tinge of green underneath the flush on his cheeks from the alcohol.

“You obliously dot nunk enough if yoush till uzig good Enlish,” Lance slurred as he tried to pour Justin another drink.

“Oh, he’s definitely had enough,” JC said, pulling the shot glass out of Lance’s hand. Lance ended up pouring most of what was left of the tequila on himself, much to his dismay. Even while thoroughly trashed, Lance realized he’d just ruined his favorite pair of pants.

“Enough,” Justin said. He gagged again as he contents of his stomach rushed up into his throat.

JC sighed and slid a garbage can in front of Justin. “Might as well just let it out,” JC said. “You’ll feel better, I promise.”

Justin shook his head, but when he opened his mouth to speak, he choked on the bile that had managed to escape. “Oh, God, this sucks,” Justin coughed.

“I know,” JC said soothingly. He rubbed Justin’s back as Justin began to retch again. “I shouldn’t have let you drink this much, I’m sorry.”

“I hate you,” Justin said. But when he finished puking, he wiped his mouth and leaned back against JC. “Ugh, I feel like I’m gonna die.”

“You’re not going to die,” JC said, still rubbing Justin’s back. “I’ll take care of you.”


“JC, what –!” Justin protested as JC dragged him out of the alleyway.

“Are you crazy?” JC hissed. “What if someone saw you?”

“No one saw me!” Justin said. “I slipped out of the party when no one was looking.”

“How could you be so fucking stupid!” JC continued. He hailed a cab and the second one stopped in front of them, he shoved Justin into the back.

“What, no, JC –!”

“How many other times have you done this,” JC asked. “How do you know if you can trust that guy? How do you know he’s not running to a tabloid right now?”

“I’ve never –”

“Think, Justin!” JC shouted. “Just think for one minute with your head and not your cock.”

“JC,” Justin said, shooting an uneasy look at the taxi driver.

JC sighed and pulled Justin close. “Didn’t you know you could come to me?” he whispered in Justin’s ear.

Justin jerked slightly with surprise. “What?”

“Next time,” JC whispered even softer this time. “Just come to me.”


“I’ve never done this before,” Justin whispered, suddenly bashful. “What if,” he began before JC kissed him again, his tongue slipping into his open mouth easily.

“Mmm, what if what?” JC asked, trailing kisses along Justin’s jawline to his ear.

“What if I suck at it?” Justin said, his head falling back, giving JC more access.

“You won’t,” JC murmured, nuzzling Justin’s neck. “I promise you, there’s no way you’re not good at this.”

“But what if –” The breath caught in Justin’s throat as JC bit down lightly on the skin over his collarbone.

“Shh,” JC whispered. He slid his hand across Justin’s chest, down his side, over his hip, pushing his legs apart. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Justin gasped.


“Would you ever eat shit?” Justin asked. They’d spent the morning fucking until the sheets were tangled at the foot of the bed. They were still lying there, Justin on his back and JC tracing figures on Justin’s stomach.

“What?” JC exclaimed, accidentally poking Justin.

“Would you ever eat shit?” Justin repeated, rubbing his side. “Not like, oh, I feel like eating shit today, but if someone paid you. Would you?”

“Oh, hmm,” JC said, thinking hard. “Probably not.”

“Never?” Justin pressed. “Not even if your accountant stole all your money and you were poor and homeless and starving?”

“What, are you saying you wouldn’t take me in?” JC asked, circling his index finger around Justin’s belly button.

“Probably not, if you were going around eating shit,” Justin said.

“Asshole,” JC said, rolling on top of Justin. He pinned Justin’s shoulders down while his fingers danced up and down Justin’s sides.

“Mmm, and you love me,” Justin laughed, wriggling beneath JC. “You’re just hanging around me, waiting for some shit to eat. Mmm, mmm!”

“What about you, would you ever eat shit?” JC asked, flopping back down onto the bed.

“What makes you think I don’t already?” Justin asked, licking his lips.

“Oh, gross,” JC said, shoving Justin away. “You’re disgusting.”

“And you love me anyway,” Justin said, leaning in for a kiss.

“Yes, even though I have no idea why,” JC said, returning Justin’s kiss with another. “Would you ever, I don’t know... do a solo album?”

Justin thought for a moment. “I don’t know, maybe,” he said slowly.

"You would?” JC asked, surprised.

“Maybe,” Justin said again. “I’ve never thought about it before. How about you?”

“No,” JC said. “Probably not.”

“Really?” Justin asked. “Would you do anything after this is over?”

“I don’t really think about that,” JC said, rolling onto his side. “I don’t like thinking about when we’re not all together.”

“We’ll always still all be together,” Justin said, also rolling onto his side. “But you know this can’t last forever.”

“I know it has to end sometime,” JC sighed. He tilted his head forward until his forehead met Justin’s. “But this won’t end ever, will it?”

Justin kissed JC again and twined their hands together. “Never,” he said.


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