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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

Life's Driving Strength

by Mary, written for Lydia

"Dance is a song of the body, either of joy or pain."

Martha Graham

"This is JC," he answered his phone.

"Joshua, have you thought more of what I propositioned?" Lance's voice slid smoothly through the phone and JC sighed and sat on one of the chairs in his office.

"Not really," he said truthfully. "The thing is, I don't really want to think about it."

"Look, Joshua, I'm not trying to do something bad here. I just honestly think you'd benefit from having your OWN company, instead of just dancing in one."

"I appreciate the offer, I really do," he paused to say 'come in' when a knock sounded on his door and smiled when Justin walked in. "But I don't think that's something I want right now. If I change my mind in the future, you'll be the first to know and then, I'll hope the offer still stands."

"Alright," Lance sighed. "I'll be waiting then, I suppose."

"Hey," JC said after he hung up his phone to Justin. "How can I help you?"

Justin shifted. "Okay, I'll do this really fast so when you say no, it'll be okay." JC watched him curiously. "There's this girl that's putting on this small concert at some small bar and I was wondering if you'd like to check it out with me, but you can completely say no."


"Okay, no?" Justin shrugged. "Alright, that's okay. I figured I'd ask anyway."

JC laughed and grabbed Justin's arm before he could bolt out the door, "Okay, I'll come check it out with you. Is there any food there?" Justin nodded. "Great. It's a date."

The food was good, but JC barely noticed it because the singer was holding his attention. She had a voice that burned through his veins and he wanted nothing more than to dance to the notes, picking out every beat for any possible movement. He also noticed Justin's reaction to her; he listened carefully to the music and when he liked it, his right foot started tapping away and when he didn't like it, he frowned and bit his nails a bit but JC noticed that he did it to the beat of the song that was playing. He found it oddly amusing and took a sip of his beer, shaking his head when he saw Justin do the same and stick out his tongue because they served him.

He found it fun and happy when the live music stopped and the CDs or something started because Justin grabbed him and began dancing like a crazy man who had no care in the world. He found it endearing when Justin tried to pretend he had absolutely no rhythm.

He found it amazing when Justin slid up in front of him as he was leaving the bathroom and said, "I really really like you, JC" right before pressing closed lips against his own and then disappeared into the bathroom. When he came back out, he was blushing slightly. "You wanna leave?" JC nodded and they left. The walk back to the apartments was somewhere between comfortable and slightly tense and Justin sighed internally before stopping, reaching his hand to stop JC as well. "Look, I'm sorry about the kiss back there. It was uncalled for and I really shouldn't be doing that." He shifted from one foot to the other. "You told me you didn't do anything within the company and I should have respected that."

JC nodded and placed his hand on top of Justin's. "Look, Justin, it's not that I don't find you attractive, because Lord knows I do." Justin grinned at that. "But I really don't want to risk anything because we may be in the same company soon. And if we're not, then who knows which company will pick you up. You may end up in Paris or Russia, for all we know. I can't do that, to either of us."

"Understandable," Justin whispered, because it was, he just wished that it wasn't.




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