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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

A Taste of You

by Ariadne, written for Michelle X

The place was crowded and the vampire was hungry. His stomach had been growling for a while already and it was demanding food. Immediately. The creature walked round the balcony that led to the magnificent view of the dance floor. Everybody was sweating; vampires, werewolves, succubi, humans; every being there had its own smell, and the vampire's senses were filled by them. However, it was a particular scent what attracted his nostrils. A hunter. A mature, young hunter was looking for him.

Justin followed his nose and walked towards the stairs. His hands moved smoothly and his fingers touched the handrail in a very subtle manner; as he walked down the stairs, his feet moved one at the time, his body moved as if it were a dance and he knew people were covetously watching him. They were observing his every move while other vampires and creatures drooled over the beautiful vampire with curly hair and deep blue eyes. Justin licked his lips. He could taste the hunter's blood in his mouth and he desired it.

Then he saw him. The vampire smiled. He'd always known about him, about the hunter. Joshua Scott Chasez; called JC by everybody. Born in America; raised by Ron and Katie; over 30 and a skilled hunter. A fitting one.

JC knew it was risky to go to the devil's house, but he knew much better than that. As soon as he got rid of Justin Timberlake, he'd rise in the hierarchy of vampire hunters, and he'd finally have killed the vampire who'd been a headache for him ever since he was a child. Justin used to be famous in every life he'd lived before the humans, but this time, he'd abandoned. Justin become a famous singer, and his face was everywhere and was known to the whole world. That was why his orders had been so clear and definite. Now, he had to comply with them and his masters' desires and capture-and give Mr. Timberlake, the gracious gift of death.

Justin on the other hand, wasn't thinking of killing. If the choice were his-and it always was-he'd keep JC for himself. He realized he'd started longing for JC's blood, whose strong smell was hitting his brain without showing him any mercy.

"It's like your blood runs through me baby…" Justin began to sing. He didn't remember where or when he'd heard that song, but with the memory he had, he could sing it without making mistakes; "…and I can't get you out of my vein…" He let his voice raise, imitating that of the original singer and grinned. He inhaled deeply and smelled JC's scent. "I need mercy…It's the insanity eating up the man in me…" Justin opened his arms and breathed. JC was walking towards the dance floor and if he could get a hold of him, then-

However, his prey had also been seen by others. Joey, a werewolf known by everybody there had already sniffed the hunter and was walking towards him, making Justin angry and thirsty for blood…just not for drinking it, though.

"You touch him and you're dead meat, Wolfie," Justin growled and showed his fangs to Joey as he growled back, angered by the threat. Nobody messed with J.T. or so people in the shadows of the city used to say, and so, he backed off, running away from the vampire and his hungry eyes. Justin smirked. There was no way he wanted someone else to touch JC, and if he had to use whatever he had in order to prevent it, then he would use it.

Sooner than he thought, JC was within his reach. JC, who looked a few years older than Justin did, was staring at him, as if telling him he knew who he was, and was telling him JC was no threat. Justin simply stretched his hand for the human to take, and as soon as he saw JC wouldn't give in, he exuded his charm, trying to lure the hunter into falling for him. The vampire smiled, showing his fangs just enough as to try to look adorable, his curls moving from side to side as he moved his head, telling JC to follow him.

Still, the hunter didn't budge.

JC was observing Justin with a curious look. Justin didn't look like a vampire and to his chagrin, JC had to admit he wasn't that immune to the aura Justin had around him. It then hit him, and he had to hold on to his training so that he didn't forget what he was doing there and why he couldn't stop doing it.

"I'm in the mood for dancing…shall we?" Justin's brow creased in curiosity at the sudden invitation. They didn't try to hide who they were, for it was clear that both of them knew that perfectly well, still-JC invited him to the centre of a den full of creatures that could snap JC's neck as if they were breaking a piece of wood. Or not?

Justin followed JC and couldn't resist any longer, putting his hands on the hunter's hips. JC moved, with a certain rhythm which made Justin shiver, as he could see JC's jugular vein pumping up and down along with his breathing. He moved closer to JC and the song that he'd been muttering before came to life through the speakers, making him grin, as his chest collided with JC's back.

JC had to lure Justin to him. Invite him in a way that he couldn't refuse. He needed to make it public, have everyone find out that he'd killed Justin Timberlake and that he was the best amongst those in the ranks of hunters. However, after seeing Timberlake dangerously moving over him he thought better of it and decided that the best way of killing that vampire was to get him out of that place. He had to terminate him.

He could not do it as he'd expected to, though.

Justin was so close to him. He was pressing exactly where he needed to press and he could feel the silent heartbeat of a heartless beast as it beat slowly and then he felt the fangs of the vampire protruding in a swiftly manner, scratching his skin with extreme care, for Justin seemed not to mean to hurt him. Then, Justin made him turn. JC could feel the hard erection against his pelvis, but he knew better. A vampire can't feel. All that would work better was there to feel was the exhilaration before blood.

"You haven't fed yourself, huh?" The irony in his voice made Justin respond by groaning, as he grabbed JC by his face and came closer to his neck. The hunter allowed him to do so. There'd be time for his purification as soon as he was back to his masters. That didn't matter that much. All he needed now was to have the vampire yearning for him in a way that would make him follow JC. "Not here." He'd fallen into the trap, for he now wanted the fangs to pierce his skin as the other bled him dry. But he was a hunter, and now his body debated between the two of them. He was an experienced one, who'd fallen for the tricks of a vampire he was dancing with at the moment. As a hunter, however, though many times he'd been beaten and thrown back and forth, had been injured and sought for danger; nothing had prepared him for Justin to swirl him in the air and take him to the upper floors of the disco.

Justin took him to the rooms he used as headquarters, and smiled in a playful way. He loved to brag and now, it was his chance to do so by showing the displays of music on his walls, plus the awards he'd made as a musician. JC stared at him. "That's not what I'm here for." He said and couldn't see as Justin approached him really quick and took him by the arms. He had him floating.

JC controlled his breathing and allowed Justin to sustain him with his powers. Pretend, make him fall. Don't lose perspective and know that he's the prince of deceit, the hunter kept telling himself. Don't confront him, for once, don't look for a fight. Lure him, and finally kill him.

Then, Justin bit him without much hesitation and no warnings were given to the human. His neck had already subsided to Justin's lips and fangs and his blood was pouring into the vampire's body as he fought to calm his breathing. It was warm and tasty, Justin thought. JC's blood ran through his mouth and through the rest of his being and it made him feel exhilarated. It seemed as if holding back his anger would finally pay off. JC's blood was sweet and inviting. The gushes of it ran freely, almost making him choke because of his recklessness as he drank from the hunter's throat, forgetting that he was indeed a hunter.

JC let him do as he pleased, but as soon as he felt his body weakening and his will faltering, he pulled the silver stake he'd been keeping hidden under the sleeve of his jacket. He slid it from underneath the leather and to his hand, and grabbed it, as firmly as his strength allowed him to. He felt he was about to come to his climax. It was true then, the myth about the ecstasy that was supposed to come hand in hand with the embrace of a vampire. He had also been lured by Justin's charm. He knew he was about to ask for more as his body throbbed and his blood left him. Still, Justin let go, and while his fangs were covered with blood and drool He smiled, and then came to JC's neck again. He licked, closing the wounds and promised that he'd never hurt him, for now he loved JC and needed him by his side. "I don't mind you being a hunter," he stated, making it harder for JC to do what he had to do.

JC brought the piece of metal between them, as Justin's chest was a few inches from his own, and before he could react, for Justin was drunk-like from his blood, JC pushed the silver stake into Justin's heart. The vampire hissed and opened his mouth, showing his fangs, and JC saw also the pained look in his eyes. "I do mind you being a vampire," JC said and they both fell noisily to the floor, though only JC's body actually felt it, for Justin's turned into ashes and eventually fell as a rain of them on top of JC.

The hunter sat up after a few minutes and looked for a small bottle of glass he had in the inside pocket of his jacket. He drank it, a mixture of garlic to make other vampires go away and a disgusting green beverage that the eldest master had advised him to drink, and he recovered some of his strength quickly. He needed to get back to his place and rest, but first, he took out his cell phone and took pictures of the place, so that he could prove his mission was complete.

JC looked at the ashes and smiled with a sad, tired expression. It had been intense, though too quick, but he couldn't have risked letting Justin any closer. The temptation was too high and he'd been afraid he couldn't fight against it. He finished and took a careful look around him. It was almost dawn and it was time to go back.


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