nsync in black and white

Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

It's What We Do

by Michelle X, for Roz

The music pounded in JC's ears and the flashing lights hurt his eyes but his thirst drove him deeper into the club in search of the bar. It wasn't that he disliked going to clubs, it was just that the heaving and pulsating crowd of people with their bodies pressing against his anonymously made him feel slightly panicked. It was times like these that he missed being an A-lister. Unconsciously his eyes drifted to the roped off upper level that was frequented by the VIP elite and a stab of jealousy flooded through him. He shook it away and continued his press against the crowd. Jack Daniels was calling to him and he was determined to get very acquainted with him tonight. He reached the bar and waited patiently for his turn to be served. Eventually he was approached by a tall thin brunette, her white blouse stained with red wine.

"Yes sir?" she asked not even recognising him. He was just another patron of the club to her with a familiar face that she had probably served earlier in the night.

"Large Jack," JC yelled over the volume of the thumpidy thump of a rap track that blared out of the speakers that were situated over the bar. Damn stupid place to put them, JC thought as he glared up at them before returning his attention to the bar tender. He started to hand over a fifty. "Leave the bottle," he yelled.

The bar tender shook her head. "Sorry sir, it's against house rules. Glasses only."

"What!" JC exclaimed pulling his money back. "I've had bottles here before."

"I can assure you that you haven't," the bar tender replied testily. "Only VIP's get served bottles and that is up on the first floor only."

JC swung his glance back to the roped off stairs and swore under his breath. She was right; he had been upstairs when he and Chris had decided to have a drink off. He turned his attention back to the reed thin woman who was now glaring at him and waiting for him to pay for his drink so she could move on to the next person in line. JC sighed. "You had better make that four very large Jacks." The bar tender rolled her eyes but dutifully poured three more drinks. JC handed over his fifty and she took it, rang it into the register and passed him his change without another look or a word of thanks before moving on.

JC gulped down the first of his drinks, squeezing his eyes tight shut against the burn and the watering of his eyes. "Damn," he muttered under his breath before picking up the second of his drinks and draining the glass in the same manner. The last two of his drinks he poured into the same glass and then leaned back against the counter to watch the dancers that were packed together like sardines on the dance floor. What the hell was he doing here anyway? Since when did he come out to the opening of an envelope? That was right. Since Carlos decided that he needed to be where the young and the beautiful people were. In his opinion he was neither young or beautiful anymore but that didn't stop his manager from insisting that he was and that he had to go even if it was just to get photographed going in and photographed coming out. He had even arranged for another of his clients, Chace Crawford to be there so they could be photographed together. Crawford had come in the front door and gone straight out of the back and JC was left to brave the crowd on his own like always. He checked the time. It was still only eleven. Had he really only been there for thirty minutes? He had felt quite sure that it had been at least two hours. Screaming and cheering caught his attention and he looked over to see what was going on. Three very large bodyguards were clearing the way through the crowd towards the VIP area and between them was Justin Timberlake and his latest conquest; an actress that JC couldn't even remember seeing in a film, never lone know her name although Lance had assured him that she was A-listed too.

"Great" JC groaned inwardly. "Just what I fucking needed." Now he would have to get out of there discreetly or the Paps would want to know why he wasn't partying with the golden boy. He finished his drink in three large gulps and began to push through the throng and towards the exit. If he was lucky everyone would have run out of film and would be in the process of reloading and he could slip away quietly without anyone being any the wiser. He had only gotten halfway across the dance floor when the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He turned again and looked up at the VIP section once more and saw Justin standing at the rail staring back down at him. The singer cocked his head to the side quizzically and then beckoned JC to come to him. JC rolled his eyes and shook his head. No way was he going to get into VIP on the back of Justin's charity. He turned his back on his long term friend and made his way to the door, slipping out into the night. As luck had it another star arrived drawing the attention of the paparazzi and giving him time to escape. He dodged traffic and jogged over to where he had left his car. He knew that he really shouldn't drive but it was late and no way did he feel like hanging around, trying to attract the attention of one of the cabs that were flying past at a phenomenal speed.
JC was about to open his door when his phone rang. Cursing he fished it out of his back pocket and opened it without checking the caller display. "Yep?" he slurred, the Jack he had consumed in such a short space of time finally taking some effect in the late summer air.

"Tell me you are not planning on driving home C." Justin's voice was soothing in comparison to the traffic noise that was filling the air but some how it still grated on his jangling nerves.

"What is it to you?" he growled defensively.

"I care about you enough not to want you dead on the side of the road somewhere because you can't hold your liquor," Justin replied sincerely.

"Fuck you," JC growled and slammed his phone shut. They hadn't spoken in over a year and suddenly he was worried about whether or not he was sober enough to drive. JC looked down at the keys that were still in his hand and swore under his breath. Only an ass would drive in his condition and he cursed Justin for reminding him to be responsible now he would have to find a cab or walk. His phone rang again. "Fuck off," he snarled into it, not waiting to hear Justin's voice once more.

"Is that any way to speak to someone who was going to offer you a ride?" JC snapped his phone shut again and started to walk. The phone rang again, this time JC ignored it as long as he could bare before he reached into his pocket and answered it again.

"Why can't you just leave me alone?" he asked, almost whining. The buzz from the alcohol was fading and his head was beginning to pound.

"You are looking good Chasez," Justin whispered in his ear. "Those pants make your ass look real fine and they make your dick look even better," JC whipped his head around, his eyes scanning the street and buildings.

"Are you stalking me Timberlake?" he growled when he couldn't see anyone watching him.

"Maybe," Justin cooed in his ear. "I know that you are wearing those dumb ass shoes that make your feet look like boats."

"Fuck!" JC muttered his eyes still searching for his former band mate. If he could see his shoes he had to be close by. "I'm fucking hanging up now," he snarled into his phone. "Don't call me again."

Justin laughed lightly and once again the sound was soothing on JC's throbbing brain. "I'll call my driver to pick you up," he said softly. "Don't be a martyr C. I don't want anything to happen to you. There are no strings I promise."

JC considered Justin's offer. It was going to be hell getting a cab at this time of night and walking home really wasn't an option that he wanted to explore. "Wait on the corner," Justin added before hanging up.

"Fine," JC muttered into the dial tone. He pinched the bridge of his nose. Why did he have to drink tonight of all nights. By the time he reached the corner a black Humber was waiting.

The driver got out. "JC?" he asked gruffly. JC nodded in reply and the driver opened the back door so that he could climb inside. As he ducked his head inside he saw that it wasn't empty and he swore under his breath.

"I thought you said no strings," he said as he slid onto the seat next to Justin.

"Do you see any strings?" Justin replied his eyes sparkling with a mixture of mirth and alcohol.

"What did you do with your date?" JC's voice had an edge to it that Justin recognised and he laughed softly. "What is so funny?" JC demanded to know. He moved his ass so that he was facing Justin, who was reclining back against the door.

"You are," Justin replied leaning forward just a little. "You are so cute when you are jealous C."

JC waved his hands back and forth in front of him. "Oh no; I'm not jealous. Not of you and certainly not of her. I'm just pissed with you."

Justin laughed again. "Still?" he asked amused that JC had held his grudge for so long. "It's not my fault that Cam …."

"Don't even say her name Justin. Not if you want me to stay in this fucking car." JC folded his arms across his chest and glared at his ex band mate waiting to see if he would push his luck like he normally did.

Justin shook his head smiling. "I couldn't help it that … She …walked in when she did. I really didn't know that she was coming and that she even had a key. Besides C don't you think its time you let it go, it was two years ago." Justin frowned a little. "Or was it three?" he questioned himself. "Anyway it was a frigging long time ago so can't we put it behind us and start fresh?"

"Your ex girlfriend knowing that I … receive." JC glared at Justin as the latter bit his lip and tried not to laugh at the phrasing that JC was using.

"That you bottom," Justin clarified, sucking his cheeks into his mouth in another attempt not to laugh.

"That's it; I'm fucking out of here," JC yelled. "Stop the fucking car."

Justin's resolve failed him and he began to giggle at JC's attempts to open the car door and that just made JC angrier. This had been a real fuck up of a night and Carlo's was so getting fired for this. "C," Justin said pulling on JC's arm.

"Don't fucking touch me," JC growled dangerously as he yanked his arm back and wrestled with the door once more.

"Child locks," Justin said with his hand covering the fact that he was still laughing.

"What?" JC answered confused.

"Child locks," Justin repeated.

"What the fuck have you got child locks for?" JC asked facing Justin again. "You don't have kids." JC's face dropped. "Oh fuck me! Tell me you don't have kids Justin." He dropped his face into his hands and groaned.

"C; dude. I don't have kids." JC looked up his face filled with what Justin could only describe as hope.

"No kids?" JC repeated.

"That's right," Justin answered. "No kids. My mom borrowed the car this morning to go shopping with one of her girlfriends and her granddaughter. They put the locks on so that Stacy couldn't accidentally open the door and fall out."

JC slumped against the back of the seat. "Why do you fucking hate me so much Justin?" this was all getting too much for him. He was getting confused.

Justin edged closer and rested his hand on JC's knee, something that JC didn't miss. "I don't hate you C; I've never hated you, you know that."

JC sighed. "I don't know anything anymore. All I know is that you left. You said you would come back, you promised. But you didn't. You didn't come back J."

"You said you were happy that it was over," Justin said softly. "You said you were excited to be doing your own thing. I couldn't come back and spoil that for you."

"Are you saying that Nsync splitting was my fault?" JC growled angrily. Why did he drink Jack Daniels? It gave him mood swings; he knew that it gave him mood swings. Why couldn't he have stuck to good old fashioned beer? He knew where he was when he drank beer.

"No," Justin cried just a little too loudly in his hurry to reassure his friend that he wasn't blaming him. "No," he repeated a little softer when he saw JC flinch. "I blame myself. I should have told you that I missed you and that I wanted to come back but I truly thought that you were happier without the group and I wanted you to be happy JC. Out of everyone I wanted you to be happy."

"So where is your date?" JC asked back tracking on their conversation.

Justin grinned. "She thinks I'm in the bathroom. I sloped off though the fire exit."

This time it was JC who laughed. "I think that she might have noticed by now that you are not in the bathroom." His laughter stopped and he covered his face with his hands once more. "What are we doing J? We don't frequent each others worlds anymore. You are way, way up there." JC lifted one of his hands up to the roof of the car and looked into Justin's face. "And I'm down here," he added, lowering his other hand as far as he could reach. "I don't even have a recording contract. I'm sliding down the alphabet man. Soon I'm going to disappear."

"You're drunk C. you don't mean what you are saying. Let me take you home. It will be like old times."

JC slumped back against the seat once more and Justin could see that he was defeated. It seemed that all the fight had suddenly gone out of him. They made the rest of the journey in silence, JC staring down at his hands and Justin staring at JC. He had never seen the older man like this before. He seemed to Justin almost broken.

"This isn't my house," JC said suddenly, jolting Justin out of his thoughts.

"That's great observation Sherlock. It's my home," Justin replied sarcastically.

"You said you would take me home," JC pointed out.

Justin opened his door and got out. "And I did. I didn't say whose home though did I?"

JC opened his mouth to answer but shut it again. Justin was right; he didn't say whose home they were going to. "I thought you had child locks," he snarled as he crawled across the seat to get out on Justin's side of the car.

Justin shrugged. "Must only be on your side," he answered. There was no need for JC to know that he had put them on just before he had picked him up. He knew that JC would try to get out of the car at some point or other and it was the only way he could think of to stop him from leaving. "So," Justin said tentatively taking JC's hand. "Are you going to come in?"

They stood just playing with each others fingers for a moment, both just looking at the way their hands fitted together. There was a time when JC's hand had been the bigger one. Now it seemed lost in Justin's. "Yeah," JC breathed.

Justin's house was in a really nice gated community and unlike JC's whose house was built on the side of the hill over three levels, Justin's was spread out over ground that sported not only a basketball court but a luxury swimming pool as well. It was Justin all over, suitable for a bachelor playing the field or a family man with a wife and a couple of kids. "Are you going to stand in the hall all night C?" Justin asked taking off his jacket. He opened a closet and hung it up neatly, then took off his shoes and put them inside too.

"Neat freak," JC muttered and slouched through to the kitchen, throwing his jacket over the back of the nearest chair and kicking his shoes off in the corner. He knew that it drove Justin mad, that was why he did it. Another of Justin's pet hates was drinking out of the carton. JC crossed the room to the refrigerator and took out a carton of orange juice. He smiled at Justin and then started to drink before Justin could reach for a glass. As usual Justin's kitchen was pristine. There wasn't one speck of dust or one drop of grease to be seen in the stainless steel and white room.

"C for fucks sake can't you use a glass. You always do that and you know that I hate it." Justin grabbed the carton and threw it into the sink.

"It's just a fucking carton Justin," JC snapped. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Well you got me here what are you going to do now?" JC leaned back against the refrigerator, his hands shoved into the pockets of his already too tight pants.

Justin let his eyes drift down JC's body and linger on the bulge that left nothing to the imagination. "Still dressing to the right I see," he said licking his lips. As much as he liked the view Justin couldn't help but worry about JC's family jewels, crushed in as they were they weren't going to be much good for anything. He hoped to hell that JC wasn't planning on having kids because from the look of his pants that would definitely be a medical impossibility.

"Always," JC slurred back. He pulled his right hand out of his pocket and rubbed it over his cock, squeezing it for good measure. He watched Justin's expression and he kneaded himself. "I think I need a piss," he pushed himself off of the refrigerator and slid passed Justin, making sure that he rubbed against him as he did. "I take it that I can use any of the rooms to sleep in?"

Justin's cock thickened in his jeans. It was the closest he had been to JC all night and he smelt just as good as he looked. "Yeah sure," he said his voice thick in his throat.

"Goodnight," JC said smiling. Justin followed him out into the hall and watched him walk slowly up the stairs, trailing his hand up the banister.

"Bastard," Justin growled under his breath when a door slammed shut. So much for getting his leg over; usually JC and Jack meant for a good hard fuck once you had got through the rock hard wall that JC resided behind. He wandered aimlessly back into the kitchen and retrieved the carton from the sink without thinking and threw it into the bin. He then picked up JC's jacket and shoes and took them out into the hall, putting them in the same closet that he had put his own. He checked that the door was locked and then ascended the stairs wondering if JC would still be there in the morning.

JC slammed the door to his bedroom behind him he wanted to send a clear message to Justin that he wasn't interested in the slightest in anything that he might have planned. He had picked the same bedroom that he always picked. It wasn't that it was in any way special. He just liked the fact that the sun didn't wake him up early in the morning; shining through the too flimsy white drapes that Justin seemed to favour. He on the other hand had thick blackout curtains hanging at his bedroom windows. They were probably the best 20 bucks that he had ever spent, blocking the bright sunshine and letting a man sleep as long as he wanted to in blissful pitch darkness. He unzipped his pants and groaned with relief as the pressure eased on his groin. It was true what they say; you had to suffer for fashion. He flopped down on the bed, fondling his crushed balls in his hand and restoring the blood flow. Maybe he had been too hasty in shooting down Justin's clumsy efforts of seduction. Now his circulation had been restored his dick seemed to come alive. He slipped his hand under his waistband and pulled off his underwear, dropping it on the floor by the side of the bed. He lay back and jerked himself slowly, his eyes closed. His tongue snaked over his lips and he gave a low moan. Masturbation was all well and good but it was missing something. JC opened his eyes and turned his head to look towards the closed door. He bit his lip with mirth at the wicked thought that had suddenly come into his head.
Careful not to crush his erection he rolled onto his side and retrieved his pants from where he had tossed them. He fished around in the pocket till his fingers closed around his small silver Nokia. It wasn't a great phone but it was a freebee that replaced the one that he accidentally dropped down the toilet and it did the job until he got to go to an event with a better phone on offer. He rolled onto his back and scrolled through his contacts until he found the number that he was looking for. He smiled and suppressed a tiny giggle at what he had planned. He pressed dial and then composed himself while listening to the phone that began to ring just a couple of doors down the hall.

Justin fumbled with his phone in the darkness and pressed the right button with his eyes still shut. "Who is it?" he mumbled.

"It's me," JC's voice drifted back bringing Justin to a wide awake state.

"What do you want?" Justin asked. His voice was deep and his mouth dry, probably a side effect of drinking earlier in the evening.

"Just to talk," JC replied. He lay on his back, his hand on his cock, caressing himself in the dark of his room.

"About what?" Justin asked. JC's voice was thick and he could hear the heaviness of his breath and when he gave a small groan Justin's cock suddenly became interested in the conversation too.

"About what I'm doing," JC replied breathily. "Do you want to know what I'm doing Justin?"

Justin swallowed. "What are you doing?" he choked.

JC groaned and breathed out heavily. "I'm rolling my balls in my hand." For a brief moment Justin forgot how to speak. "I'm on my back in your guest bed and I have one hand on my dick and I'm squeezing my nuts with the other." He groaned to emphasize the pleasure he was giving himself. "I think I'm going to touch myself until I come." JC thrust his hips up and moaned loudly. "Oh god Justin, I'm so sensitive."

"C," Justin choked. "What are you doing?"

JC chuckled softly and then groaned again. "I thought I made that clear," he whispered. "I'm masturbating and thinking of you while I do it."

Justin's heart beat increased and he lowered his voice. "I could come in there," he all but growled.

JC moaned softly. "No," he whispered. "I can do this myself. I just want you to listen. I want you to hear me fucking my own hand. I want you to hear me come. Do you want to hear me come Justin?"

"God yes," Justin breathed without thinking and JC laughed softly.

"Do you have your eyes closed Justin? I do. I'm imagining it's your hand between my legs, your fingers tightening around my balls, squeezing them and pulling them, making them hurt so much its pure pleasure." JC groaned loudly as he squeezed tighter than he meant too. "That is so good Justin," he sighed. "Now touch my cock."

Justin wet his lips. "JC don't," he croaked. "You don't know what you are doing to me. Let me come in there."

"No," JC breathed. "Just listen. My fingers are around my cock now, sliding up and down. Mmm," he sighed. "Need some lube to make it slide easier. Do you think that pre-cum can do the job?" he sighed again. "Oh yeah," he breathed. "That's better. My dick leaks a lot when I think of you." Justin groaned and pushed his own hand between his legs, stroking his own cock as he listened to JC's aroused voice. "Are you touching yourself Justin? I bet you are. I bet that you are imagining that it's my hand that's on your skin." His voice caught in his throat and he gave a tiny whimper. "Touch me Justin," he sighed. "And I'll touch you."

Justin whimpered and rubbed his fingers over his slit, spreading the leaking cum over his length and making his hand slide more easily over his skin.

"Want to taste you," JC breathed. "If I suck on my fingers I can taste my cum and pretend that it is yours. Mmm, tastes so good Justin. I could suck your cock right now. I could swallow it right down. I'm so hard and so fucking horny."

Justin fell back on his bed, the phone pressed to his ear. His breath thickened and his heart raced as JC's soft voice penetrated his head and tantalised his senses. "C," he whimpered. "Don't stop. Don't stop. Speak to me. Tell me."

"Want it inside me Justin," JC moaned. "Need to fuck myself."

"Use your fingers." Justin couldn't help himself. He had never been so turned on before. When he closed his eyes and focused on JC's voice he could picture him; his knees bent up and his hand reaching down between his legs, stretching his fingers as he searched for his opening and then sliding inside one digit at a time.

"Mmm, tight," JC moaned. "So fucking tight. So fucking good."

"Sweet Jesus," Justin whispered. He began to tug at his own cock the small urgent noises coming from JC urging him on.

"Close," JC breathed. "So close. Are you close too?" JC rolled on the bed, his fingers buried inside himself up to his knuckles. Sweat covered his body as he teased his prostate over and over. "Want to come Justin," he whimpered. "Tell me, tell me to cum or tell me to hold. I'll do it. I'll do it for you."

"JC," Justin almost wept. "I want to be there with you. I want to taste you. Let me come to you."

"No," JC whispered, his breath coming in short bursts as he neared his climax. JC cried out as his fingers jabbed at his prostate. "Going to do something now," he breathed. "Something that you wish you could do."

"Tell me," Justin demanded. His body was covered in sweat too, rivulets run down his naked chest, soaking his bed sheets.

"Going to suck myself."

Justin dropped the phone.

He scrambled with the bedclothes, getting them tangled around his legs in his hurry to get up. If JC was going to suck himself he was going to see it first hand. He swore as he tripped and fell with a loud bump on the floor and then crawled to his knees, snatching at his phone as he did. "JC," he yelled. "JC, don't come. I want to see. Don't come." Getting to his feet at last he ran down the hall and reached the room that JC had chosen to sleep in. he burst in and then slid down the wall his mouth open and his chest pounding. He knew that JC was flexible but damn. His eyes were glued to the way that the lithe man's hips moved. A whimper escaped from JC's full mouth and Justin came when JC pulled back and jerked himself to orgasm.

It took a few long minutes for JC to recover and he rolled onto his belly and looked down the bed to where Justin was slumped sated and spent against the wall. "You see. I can put on a show too," he said softly. He licked his fingers and Justin crawled on his knees to the bed end.

"I didn't know you could do that," Justin said breathlessly. "That was. I don't know what that was. The whole thing. The call, everything."

"Just letting you know what you are missing," JC slurred. Now that he had come he was feeling incredibly boneless and sleepy.

"Can I stay?" Justin asked in a small voice. He knew he sounded desperate but he couldn't help it. He wanted to press up against JC's back; to kiss his shoulder and lick at his sweat stained skin. JC never answered he just moved over to his side of the bed and turned his back. "That's a yes then," Justin muttered and crawled behind him. He draped his arm over his waist and pressed up close, spooning him tenderly. He kissed JC's shoulder and the older man made a soft noise. "Why do we do this?" Justin asked in a whisper.

JC grunted softly. "Because you like fucking me?" he replied sleepily.

"That's not what I meant C. I mean why do we have to go through all of this shit every time we meet?"

JC twisted his neck so that he could look back at his long time friend and part time lover. "It's what we do." He replied.

"But why?" Justin asked genuinely confused. "I want you, you want me. Why do we have to play these silly games every time?"

JC pushed away, got out of bed and started to get dressed. "You mean why do I play these silly games," he snarled.

"Where are you going?" Justin asked apprehensively.

"Home," JC replied with out looking at him. He pulled on his underwear and picked up his pants.

"C, don't go. Stay and talk to me," Justin pleaded. "Make me understand JC. Make me understand why every time I reach out to you, you push me away. I really wanted you to join me in the club tonight. We haven't drank or danced together in forever."

"We don't drink in the same circles anymore," JC answered. He stood with his pants in his hands, his head dropped. He didn't really want to leave. What he really wanted was for Justin to give him a good reason to stay.

"C, Josh, baby, it's not my choice. You pulled away from me. I still want you," Justin answered sincerely. "Why didn't you come to me when I asked earlier? We could have so much."

"I'm not a charity case," JC snapped. "I won't be accepted because you threw me a bone."

"It's not a bone JC!" Justin exclaimed. "I actually love you. Do you know what love is Josh?" Justin scrapped his nails over his head. He was at his wits end. It didn't matter what he did, he just couldn't do anything right.

"Don't," JC whispered. "You know you don't mean that."

Justin got out of bed and crossed the room and took JC in his arms. "You don't know what is the truth anymore C. I offered you a recording contract; you turned it down saying that I didn't mean it. I offered you me and you turned me down saying that I wasn't serious. Look at me."

JC turned his head in defiance.

"I said look at me," Justin said forcefully. He took hold of JC's chin and forced his head around so he had no choice but to look at him. "I love you," he growled. "Look me in the eye and tell me that you don't love me."

"I don't love you," JC answered dispassionately turning his head away.

Justin smiled. "Liar," he growled knowing that he was right. He moved into JC's space and pulled him to him, nibbling his ear. "Come back to bed baby," he whispered. "Convince me that you don't love me and I will never bother you again." He slipped his hand down and cupped JC's cock. He squeezed gently and received a soft groan in reply. "I love you, I want you," Justin whispered.

"I know," JC answered, pain sounding in his tone. "I love you too," he added softly.

"Come back to bed," Justin asked, his heart full of hope.

"It is late," JC answered. "I guess I could stay."

"You would never get a cab," Justin said pointing out the obvious.

JC turned slowly, dropping his pants. "It is late," he reasoned. "And I am shattered."

Justin took JC's hand. "The bed is getting cold."

JC exhaled. "I have to be at the studio at 7. I promised AJ we could work on a song."

"I'll set the alarm," Justin promised.

JC's eyes sparkled just a little. "I don't suppose it would hurt too much if I was a little late."

Justin grinned widely. If things went to plan JC would be late for his appointment. He picked up the bedside clock and set it for 5:30am. 30 minutes to shower, dress and get to the studio should be about right. He had plans for the other hour.


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