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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

Like a Virgin (Touched for the Very First Time)

by Roz, for Tara

JC first kissed Justin a few months after Justin announced that he might be bisexual, right in the middle of recording the follow-up album to No Strings Attached. Even though he had told the guys that he was questioning his sexuality, Justin still felt weird admitting he might like men, despite the fact that his band mates had done nothing but support him. They had a show the day he came out to them and when he returned to the bus that evening he found two magazines laying on his bunk: Playgirl and The Advocate.

But as far as Justin was concerned, no one needed to know that he had a crush on JC. So naturally Chris' first question to Justin after he had sat them all down and talked to them was, "Is there any guy in particular that made you realize this?" When Justin didn't respond right away, JC cut through the silence.

"Please tell me it isn't Trace," he joked.

"Hell no!" Justin exclaimed. Everyone laughed. And Justin's crush got a little worse. But for the most part things were the same between the guys and him, Justin was glad to find out.

That is, until a barbeque at Joey's house one day shortly before he and Lance left to film their movie led to a game of truth or dare that changed everything.

"Truth or dare, J?" Joey asked.

Justin weighed the options in his mind. The voice inside his head told him to go for a dare, but for some strange reason probably related to the alcohol flowing through his system, his mouth said otherwise. "Truth."

Joey thought for a second. "Have you ever kissed a guy?"

Justin fidgeted in his seat, playing with the label on his bottle of beer.

"No," he said quietly, feeling the tips of his ears burn with embarrassment.

Chris cackled and Justin decided to exact his revenge by daring him to stand on Joey's driveway and pull his pants down for the first car that drove by.

"All right," Chris said after Joey's elderly neighbor, Mrs. Feinstein, threatened to call the police on him for indecent exposure. "C—truth or dare?"

Justin watched JC, sure he was going to pick truth in hopes of Chris asking some random, yet deep and thought provoking question.


Justin's eyes widened in surprise.

Chris grinned evilly. "I dare you …" he looked around the room and Justin could almost see the wheels turning inside his head. "… to give Justin his first real man-kiss."

Justin nearly fell out of his chair. He had no idea how the other guys reacted to Chris' dare. All he could hear was the blood rushing through his head, his heart pounding. There was no way JC would actually go through with it, right?

"You okay, J?" JC asked and when did he get so close?

Justin nodded dumbly, trying to return the smile JC gave him.

"Good," JC said and before Justin had a chance to think, JC's lips were on his.

Justin automatically responded, closing his eyes, leaning into JC's touch when he cupped the back of his head and moving his mouth against JC's. When JC's tongue traced his lips, he opened his mouth and let him in. His tongue dipped in and out of Justin's mouth and as it retreated Justin's followed.

He tastes like wine, Justin thought numbly. That was all he got to think before JC slowly pulled away.

He smiled at Justin whose face was rather flushed. Over the hooting and hollering of his band mates, Justin heard JC's laugh and his heart raced.

It was their first kiss.


JC knew that Justin liked the kiss. He hoped Justin liked the kisser more than the kiss itself, but that was just a hope. Because Justin was JC's guilty pleasure. He had never told anyone that he liked Justin like that even though they all knew he was bi. Sure, when Justin came out Chris had joked that JC could teach him a few things "as the resident bisexual guru of the group," but Justin had made no indication that he saw JC as anything other than a brother until after the kiss.

He was very subtle about it, though JC couldn't help but notice how often he caught Justin looking at him, how the number of lingering touches increased, and yet at the same time, how Justin acted as if nothing had happened between the two of them. JC knew that if anything was going to happen, he would have to wait for Justin to make the first move. But Justin didn't seem to be showing any signs of being ready to do that.

This meant that JC was quite surprised when Justin asked him out only two weeks after the kiss. They were the last two out of the recording studio, Lance and Joey being on set and Chris having left a half hour earlier. JC had insisted that something wasn't right with the melody of the song they were recording, and Justin said he'd stay and help him out.

"Hey C?" He said hesitantly as they walked across the parking lot toward their cars.


In the fading sunlight of the evening, JC could tell that Justin was blushing, his face as red as the setting sun.

"Do you … uh … want to come back to my place? We could watch dinner and eat a movie. I mean - "

JC's heart melted. He laughed and Justin hung his head.

"Fuck," he muttered.

JC's smile disappeared at Justin's obvious disappointment. "What's wrong, J?"

"This was supposed to be perfect," Justin said dejectedly.

JC slung his arm over Justin's shoulder and pulled Justin close to him. "But it is. And I would love to."

Justin tensed in JC's arms and looked up at him. "Huh?"

"It's perfect because of its imperfections. Just like you. And I'd love to go back to your place with you."

Justin smiled, his eyes watery, and he pulled JC into a tight hug.

It was their first date.


"How much time do we have?" JC asked as Justin nuzzled his neck before kissing him there.

"Enough," Justin replied impatiently, tugging JC's mouth to his. For some reason he just could not get over the sudden urge he had to be with JC. JC moaned against him as Justin traced his tongue along his lips, seeking entrance. The noise sent a wave of heat right to Justin's crotch. It was Justin's turn to moan when JC opened his mouth and allowed Justin to slip his tongue in.

Justin shifted on the couch, turning his body more so he faced JC and wrapped his hands in JC's hair. As JC got more into the kiss, his hands moved from Justin's shoulders down his back, and Justin felt his fingers leave a searing trail as they went.

Justin whined when JC pulled his mouth away. He tugged lightly on Justin's earlobe before wetting it with his mouth. The feel of his warm breath against him made him shiver as JC leaned in and whispered, "You like this, J?"

"Oh God," Justin gasped in response because JC's mouth had found the sweet spot on his neck that was guaranteed to make him hard. He moved his own hands from JC's head, down his neck to his waist, spreading his legs before tugging JC between them. He bit his lip when JC's hip bumped his hardening cock as he settled into place.

He pulled JC's mouth back to his, their tongues battling and Justin groaned when JC gently pressed his crotch against Justin's. Justin moved beneath him, desperate for friction. Just as he was about to bring his hands to JC's ass, the doorbell rang.

"Fuck!" Justin exclaimed, whining and arching up against JC as he got up to see who was at the door.

It was the limo. The guys and Britney were inside, waiting for JC and Justin to join them.

"We're not done," JC whispered as they headed down the driveway towards the car.

Justin tried his hardest to keep his hands to himself on the ride to the Celebrity release party, but all self control was lost when JC kissed him once on the lips. It had been meant to be a quick sign of reassurance but Justin couldn't resist cupping the back of JC's head and deepening the kiss.

The other passengers in the limo were well aware of JC and Justin's relationship, but Britney still had to "date" Justin to keep up appearances.

Britney and the other guys politely turned away as Justin and JC attempted to devour each other's mouths. Tongue met tongue greedily and Justin dug his fingers into his thighs hard enough to leave marks, so strong was the temptation to touch JC all over.

By the time the limo pulled up to the red carpet Justin was achingly hard and thoroughly ready to just get the release party over with so he could get home and get a release of his own.

His first time making out with JC was fun, but Justin shivered at the thought of better things to come.


JC was turned on by the sight in front of him, but it was the man next to him that had his cock throbbing. Justin had shyly whispered to him a few days ago that he'd never seen gay porn. He wanted to know if JC had any and if they could watch it together.

The guys had watched porn together before. They had to do something to keep themselves entertained all those nights on the tour bus. JC remembered the first time they did it. It was a rare night on their first American tour when Justin's mom hadn't accompanied them. Justin's eyes had been wide as saucers as he watched the scenes unfold before him. He remembered how Justin's fingers had tapped an impatient rhythm on his thighs, drawing attention to the straining bulge in his pants. That night he lay awake listening to the muffled sighs and whimpers as Justin relieved himself in the bus' bathroom.

But tonight was different. It was just the two of them in JC's hotel room in the middle of the PopOdyssey Tour, and Justin wasn't fighting the temptation to touch himself.

"Is it okay if I …?" He asked in a whisper, gesturing to his crotch.

JC, who had seen this particular video so many times that the novelty of it had long since worn off, felt himself start to get hard as he nodded. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Justin removed his pants and slowly freed his erection from his boxers. At first he lay there with his still hand wrapped around his cock.

Then one of the men on screen deep throated the other man and Justin gasped as his hand started moving up and down his shaft. JC's fingers itched to touch himself. Or better yet, to reach over and touch Justin.

"JC," Justin said, bringing JC's attention back to the present. "You can … y'know … too." He motioned towards JC's crotch. JC followed Justin's gaze, which alternated between the action on screen and the tent of JC's erection against the front of his sweats. JC slowly pulled his pants and boxers down, and Justin's eyes bulged at the sight of his cock.

"Can I … come closer?" He asked tentatively.

JC nodded and Justin positioned himself so that he could get a better look at JC's cock. His right hand had stopped moving on his own erection as his left hand reached forward to touch JC's cock.

JC bit his lip to keep from moaning at the feel of Justin's warm hand around him. But he lost all restraint when Justin slinked his hand up and down his shaft a few times before doing the same with his own cock, as if he was comparing the two.

Justin's right hand then left his cock as he reached over to cup JC's balls, tugging on them lightly. JC sighed at the touch and Justin whimpered.

"J, c'mere," JC said, motioning for Justin to straddle his lap. Justin pulled off his boxers and moved over JC. He cried out when his cock brushed JC's.

"Fuck," Justin exclaimed when JC brought his hand together with Justin's and wrapped them both around their erections. Justin shifted in JC's lap, settling more firmly against JC and when their fingers reached the tips of their cocks, Justin's was damp with pre-come.

Justin let JC guide their hands up and down, and JC loved how Justin tried to stop himself from thrusting up into them. As he came closer to release, JC could tell Justin's restraint was weakening.

"Oh, JC, I'm gonna come," Justin moaned.

"Me too." JC gasped when Justin's free hand reached between them again and began massaging his balls. He realized suddenly that he was going to come.right.now.

JC groaned as come spurted from the tip of his cock, landing on his and Justin's intertwined hands, which were now moving frantically up and down their shafts. Justin moaned and thrust up as best he could and suddenly there were two streams of come between them. White strings of hot, sticky come laced together, coating their hands, cocks, and lower bellies. When they were both finished, Justin collapsed on top of JC, whimpering as the aftershocks overtook him.

JC wrapped his arms around Justin, knowing they'd have to change the sheets on the bed before Justin fell to sleep but too overwhelmed at the moment by the realization that their relationship had just taken another big step forward.


"Has anyone ever done this to you, J?" JC asked as he pulled Justin's pants and boxer briefs off.

Justin's cock twitched at the feel of JC's warm breath so close to it. "Britney …" He hissed when JC's tongue reached out to flick against the head. "She - she tried it but she didn't like it."

JC wrapped his hand around the base of Justin's erection. "So I'm your first?"

"F-first what?" Justin could barely concentrate on what JC was saying because his hand had slithered up his shaft to swipe this thumb across the head of his cock which, Justin was embarrassed to realize, was already damp and shining with pre-come.

"Your first," JC kissed the head, smearing the droplets against his lips. "Real." Another kiss. "Blowjob."

"Yeah," Justin sighed, amazed that he was still coherent, though not for long because JC licked the underside of his cock from base to tip and back again. Then he took Justin's balls in his mouth, wetting them with his tongue and Justin yelped.

JC pulled back for a moment. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Justin panted, his hands snaking their way into JC's hair. "They're just really sensitive and I don't wanna come."

JC smiled and wrapped his lips around the head of Justin's cock again, swirling his tongue around the tip. "That's sorta the point, J," he said before taking as much of Justin's erection into his mouth as he could.

Justin moaned loudly and his pelvis tipped up on its own accord. JC gently patted his hip with the hand that wasn't wrapped around the base of his cock and it took everything in Justin not to thrust up again.

JC worked his lips and tongue up, down, and around Justin's throbbing cock, his hand gently stroking the base and Justin's testicles. He cupped his balls in his hand and massaged the skin until Justin was practically sobbing in pleasure.

"Oh - oh fuck," he gasped when JC's hand moved lower and his mouth followed. He took Justin's balls in his mouth while his fingers gently circled Justin's entrance. His other hand left Justin's hip to stroke his shaft.

Justin made a high pitched whine and JC knew he was close. He released Justin's balls and swallowed down as much of his cock as he could, his finger still circling, gently pressing but not quite pushing in. His thumb rubbed the skin just below his balls and Justin let out a primal groan, his whole body tensing, his fingers scrabbling in JC's hair.

JC pulled back up so that just the head of Justin's cock was in his mouth as Justin started to come. His warm, thick fluid filled JC's mouth in harsh spurts. JC's hand continued to milk Justin's throbbing cock until the last of his come had oozed from the head and Justin whimpered at his touch. He kissed the head of Justin's softening cock before heading to the bathroom to rinse his mouth and brush his teeth.

"Be right back, J." He said and Justin made a content noise in response.

When JC returned Justin was curled up under the covers, fast asleep. JC crawled in next to him and placed a soft kiss on Justin's forehead. He ignored his own straining erection as Justin curled up against him and fell into a deep sleep, content with the fact that he had just given Justin another first.


JC knew Justin had something important to say when he cleared his throat nervously and scratched the back of his head as he approached him in his hotel room the night before their last show of the tour. He could tell that it was something Justin had been thinking about for a while because he had been acting a bit off the past few days whenever they were alone together. But JC wasn't worried. He knew that whatever it was, Justin would come out and say it in his own time.

"JC?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, Justin?"

"I wanna … uh … can we … um … Iwannahavesexwithyou?" It came out as more of a question than a statement.

JC didn't know what he had expected Justin to say, but that was certainly not one of his top guesses. Though in retrospect, it made sense. His and Justin's relationship had progressed quite a bit physically over the past few months. Sex was the next obvious step for them. JC knew he was ready, but he hadn't wanted to pressure Justin into doing anything he wasn't comfortable with. So, as was his way, he had waited for Justin to make the first move.

"Are you sure you're ready?" JC asked.

Justin nodded. "Yeah, I am. I mean, I seriously can't stop thinking about what it it'll be like," he admitted, a faint blush creeping up his neck.

JC smiled, but didn't say anything.

"So … uh … I was thinking maybe we could … er … do it after the show tomorrow night? Since we're not leaving until the next day?"

JC's smile widened. Leave it to Justin to plan out their sex lives. "Sure, J."

* * *

Justin sighed as JC eased a slick finger into him, getting used to the sensation. It felt weird, but not in an uncomfortable way. In fact, when JC curled his finger it brushed up against something inside Justin and sent a burst of pleasure straight to his cock.


When JC did it again, his cock bumped Justin's hip at the sight of him writhing at JC's ministrations. JC slowly slid a second finger into Justin. He wrapped his other hand around Justin's semi hard cock, pumping it as he moved his fingers in and out of Justin's entrance.

When he was fully hard, Justin let out a loud moan and covered JC's hand with his own. "Stop," he whispered huskily. "I want you so bad."

Justin gasped against JC's mouth, which had attached itself to his own. Their tongues hungrily fought one another as JC eased his fingers out of Justin. Justin looked down as JC pulled back and reached for a condom and lube from the nightstand. His mouth watered as JC rolled the protection down his erection and lubed himself up. When JC was finished, Justin spread his legs and JC settled between them. The two men moaned at the feeling of their cocks bumping one another.

"You ready, J?" JC asked and Justin felt only a tinge of nervousness coil in his belly as he nodded his head. He wrapped his leg around JC's hip and gasped when he felt the head of JC's cock pressing against him.

Even though JC pushed in slowly, Justin whimpered at the stinging sensation. A couple of fingers was one thing; a hard cock was a whole different story. Justin felt his own erection wilt a little at the pain he felt as JC entered him for the first time.

"Are you okay, baby?" Justin opened his eyes and was surprised when JC wiped away tears he hadn't realized he had shed. "We can stop, you know."

"No!" Justin said, gripping JC's forearms. "Just … just give me a minute." He tried his best to relax his body and get used to the feel of JC within him. As he did, he clenched around JC, causing JC to gasp and slip in further.

The head of his cock brushed Justin's prostate and Justin's eyes went wide at the sensation. He twitched his hips against JC's, trying to get JC to nudge that spot once again. JC pulled back slowly and waited for Justin's reassuring smile before pushing back in.

"Oh God," Justin moaned and he felt his erection return. JC soon established a steady rhythm that had both men moaning, but Justin knew it wasn't enough to get him off. He reached between them to touch his cock, but JC stopped him.

"Let me," he panted, wrapping his own hand around Justin. He pumped Justin's shaft a few times before reaching down to rub his balls gently. When he returned his hand to the head of Justin's cock, he swiped away the pre-come that had appeared there.

Justin clenched around JC at the pleasure this caused and JC moaned. Justin cupped the back of JC's head, bringing their lips together. The two men groaned into each other's mouths as the sensations began to overwhelm them.

Justin pulled back, gasping, as JC sped up. "I'm gonna come," he whispered, his voice strained from pleasure.

"Me too," JC whispered back. "Oh, fuck!"

Suddenly, Justin's hand joined JC's on Justin's cock and JC watched Justin's eyes go wide before shutting and JC looked down as Justin came in hot sticky spurts between them. He tightened around JC as he came and that was all it took for JC to tumble over the edge after him, thrusting a few more times before collapsing on top of Justin.

* * *


"So was it like you imagined?" JC asked when he returned to bed after cleaning himself and Justin off and disposing of the washcloth.


JC arched an eyebrow at him and Justin smiled, leaning in to kiss him softly on the lips.

"It was more. So much more."

And even though neither of them had said it yet, they both knew that this was more than just their first time having sex.

It was their first true love.


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