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Fiction by Pen . . . . . not real, made up, purely intended for entertainment


I am proud to have written the first non-Cramp Lamp!fic. Proud!

So, where—ah, there it was. Lance crossed to the bed to pick up his missing bag, and then paused. Right there, on the table beside the bed...

He was sure he didn't have one of those in his hotel room.

Lance sat on the edge of the bed, and looked at it. Pretty. Pretty light purple shiny... was that liquid? He ran a fingertip down the glassy length, and inside the lamp, as if in response, a slender scarlet tendril slid upward. Lance smiled. A glowing red bubble split off and rose serenely to the top, floated gently down again. More bubbles rose, bright and perfect. Fat liquid fingers stretched themselves upwards, flowing vivid and sinuous through their amethyst world.

Lance was fascinated. And envious. How come Chris had this, and all there was on his own bedside table was a common lampshade on a stick?

He was too entranced to notice when the door opened, but the "Hey!" made him jump and jerk his hand back.

"Don't touch that!" Chris commanded. "Why are you in my room?"

"It, I was just—my bag got put in here by mistake," Lance explained, flushing a little. "Lonnie lent me his key." Chris's hostile stare did not fade. "I'll, um... I'll go back to my room, then."

"Yeah, you should," said Chris, shortly.

"Okay," said Lance, standing up and retrieving his bag. As he made his hasty exit, he thought he heard Chris's voice, high and indignant, saying, "Were you flirting—" before the door closed behind him.

* * *

And now... He didn't care what people said about his shopping habit. So he actually liked reading through those catalogues of essential things you'd never known you couldn't do without, the ones Chris sneered at and threw straight in the trash. If Lance hadn't read every page, he'd never have seen...

And now, it was here. Lance's fingers almost trembled as he slit open the tape and unfolded the cardboard. Slid the inner box free, opened it, lifted off the thick protective white styrofoam.

Magnificent! The volcanic shape, the glitter drifting within the pale liquid, even the coiled line of flex. It was perfect. It was love at first sight.

He couldn't wait to turn it on.


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