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Fiction by Pen . . . . . not real, made up, purely intended for entertainment

Junior Grows Up


It is said, Gentle Reader, that there is no love greater than that of a mother for her child.

On this occasion, however, there was no mother involved. Lance hastily disclaimed all responsibility for the new arrival, and appeared indeed to wish to erase all trace of it from his life and memory.

Fortunately for the tiny, tentacled creature (JC attempted to name it Cthulu, once the situation had been explained, but as he was the only one who could pronounce this, it was 'Junior' that stuck), Justin was eager to fill the parental role in its—they were unable to determine a gender—life.

Once aboard the bus and en route to the next concert venue, it became apparent that Junior would not be an onerous burden. It was willing to eat anything smaller than itself, and although this did mean that shredded remnants of stray socks were occasionally discovered, it also meant that the floor of the bus had never been so clean. Justin praised Junior lavishly for this service, and attempted to teach it to sit up and beg for popcorn, but, as Chris pointed out, it was difficult to determine what was 'up', really. There was some concern about the creature's toilet habits, as it seemed more inclined to snack on the contents of Busta's litter box than to utilize it properly. However, Junior did not appear to excrete at all, it simply grew larger after every meal. By the time they reached the venue, Junior had almost doubled in size, and when Justin returned to his hotel room after the concert, he found his protegé standing almost two feet high.

He wondered, briefly, how long it would take Junior to reach full size, and how Justin would know when it was all grown up, and what exactly he would do then... but there was plenty of time to think about that. Murmuring an affectionate good night, he fell swiftly asleep.

When morning came, Junior was gone. (So, as it happened, were Justin's second-best Jordans, the chewy kind, but he was not to discover that until some time later.)

"I guess they have to leave the nest sometime," Chris said consolingly as Justin sat down next to him at the breakfast table.

Justin looked woebegone. "It didn't even say goodbye."

"It couldn't talk," Chris reminded him, helpfully.

Justin was about to detail the various ways in which Junior had communicated with him, how they had bonded, and the strategies he had had in place for helping Junior to learn rudimentary speech, when the waitress arrived to take his breakfast order.

"Shrimp," said Justin, decisively. "And two scoops of mint chocolate chip ice-cream. With marshmallows."


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