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Fiction by Pen . . . . . not real, made up, purely intended for entertainment
Star Trek is not mine and I make no claim on it

Stardate 47169.2

with apologies to W H Auden

“O where are you going?” said Riker to Data.
“The captain was joking — you must understand!
”But all his protesting did nothing to help him
Get free of the grip of the android’s hand.

“This is all a mistake,” said Will to the android,
“I tell you, Jean-Luc didn’t mean what he said!”
“I am taking command,” the android retorted,
“While Captain Picard is officially dead.”

“You face a court martial,” said Data to Riker,
“Twelve separate counts of indictable crime.
And Starfleet declared you persona non grata.
You cannot give orders to me at this time.”

“Into the brig!” said Data to Riker.
“This isn’t fair!” said Riker to Data.
“I have my orders,” said Data to Riker
As he left him there, as he left him there.



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