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Qualicative Assessment

I have observed that the body tends to influence the mind.

Put another way, the adoption of a particular physical conformation tends to direct the thought patterns along a path which is customary for that shape.

Taking on human form, for instance, leads to muddied thinking. Guilt, affection, a tendency to distraction... These are not to my taste. There are other upright bipeds with less cluttered patterns the Cardassian shape has possibilities. But the scaly exterior is less aesthetically pleasing than a covering of immaculate fur.

This body is a little small, of course, but as I only choose to inhabit it for brief periods that is a minor matter. The form embodies an essential untameable savagery, a clean independence of thought and body, a disregard for all rules and requirements in favour of self-satisfaction. Perhaps, in some remote fashion, we are related? An idle speculation, but pleasing.

The humanoids are quite amusing when viewed from this perspective. My own pet is tolerably well trained, if a little predictable and regrettably given to bizarre nutritional experimentation, unnecessary when a diet of fresh salmon would be perfectly adequate. I delight in the contrast offered by my own behaviour. For some while I posed as a long-haired, affectionate individual, but the attraction of constant caressing palled and I chose to remanifest as a sleeker, fierier creature with misanthropic leanings. This keeps the humanoids at bay. Naturally, they are unaware of the change. It amuses me to react in an apparently unpredictable manner entirely in keeping with this form, obedient and conforming when it suits me, at other times vicious and disobliging. Interestingly, my misconduct in this body is accepted with resignation but no blame or retaliation. A human manifestation would encounter considerable resentment if it displayed similar characteristics.

Unfortunately the environment is not calculated to keep me entertained for prolonged periods. There is no variation in temperature or humidity, no vertical vegetation to be climbed, no small prey to be tormented. I feel the urge for some variety. Perhaps it is time for another change before I return to the Continuum.

I wonder how it feels to have kittens?


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