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Fiction by Pen . . . . . not real, made up, purely intended for entertainment
Star Trek is not mine and I make no claim on it

Sonnet: To Jenna

while Data was in Romantic mode, he would surely have written poetry to the object of his affections

With what phenomenon shall I compare
Your facial features: eyes, and nose, and lips?
Your smile is dazzling as a solar flare,
Your frown as picturesque as an eclipse.
Such fecund curves your uniform compresses!
Such callipygian sway as you retire!
Those cerulean orbs and fulvous tresses
Complete a pulchritudinous entire.

For progress in romantic interaction
My program is specific’ly designed;
Adapt my circuits to your satisfaction
That intimately we may be aligned;
To you my leisure hours I dedicate,
Solicitous performing as your mate.




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