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Triple Treat

I like fic_requests. It would never have occurred to me to write this without the request.

They were squabbling in the bathroom now. JC contemplated the stark hotel room, so much neater than Chris and Joey's. Those two were out, taking Justin along, he'd thought, into the free and easy world of German clubland. JC had begged off after Lance's murmured message before dinner. Then when they'd come back to Lance's room, Justin was here after all... and now the two of them were arguing furiously in the bathroom about which one had first dibs on JC.

JC sighed, and looked sadly at the pocketful of condoms and the tube of Liquid Silk he'd brought with him. He'd been so much looking forward to this. Being Lance's first. JC never denied his own kinks, and the idea of deflowering a virgin was just something that he adored. He knew many people would be horrified, but people seemed to get horrified so easily about sex, it was difficult to tell whether they were horrified because what he wanted was actually in any sense horrific, or whether they just got horrified because it was sex. Mostly, he thought, people were scared of sex. Here in Europe, though, it was apparently less horrific to have sex than it was back home. And both Lance and Justin were legal here... Which was a very, very interesting thought, and one he probably shouldn't indulge in, because that was just greedy... he should save it for later. Two beautiful virgin boys, who both apparently wanted him so much that... Sigh. They were squabbling in the bathroom.

Maybe he should just go.

Then the bathroom door opened. Two blond teenagers with irritated expressions emerged, and took up attitudes in front of JC.

"We decided to toss a coin," Lance explained. Lance, that voice, those eyes, that plush, inviting ass.

"To see who gets you first," Justin added. "Because we both want you to, you know." Justin, those lips, those hips, those long, strokable limbs.

JC's distracted brain processed this a moment later. "You both want—?"

"We want you to have sex with us. Yeah," said Lance. "You got a coin?"

JC fished something out of his pocket. 50 pfennig piece.

"Tails!" That was Lance. Snarky brat. Justin glared at him.

JC tossed the coin and caught it, slapped it down. "Tails," he said firmly. It wasn't, but hey.

Lance, smirking, began to undress. Thwarted, Justin unleashed the pout. JC smiled earnestly at him. "It's okay, Ju, it'll be your turn later."

"You can watch," suggested Lance. JC was a bit taken aback, but he supposed there was no reason why Lance shouldn't be, hmm, up for an audience, just because he was inexperienced. JC approved. He liked to be watched. It was another kink. He had several.

Apparently Justin was mollified by the suggestion. He took up station on the other bed, folding his legs and frowning with concentration.

Lance was naked already. And... impressive, and smooth, and... JC got naked, fast. He motioned Lance onto the bed, and began to explore. Kissing, good, Lance's mouth warm and willing and eager under his. Lance's neck proved to respond delightfully to careful application of tongue and teeth. His nipples, less interested. Okay, so not everyone was sensitive there.

Some places, everyone was sensitive... JC licked down Lance's quivering stomach until he reached that splendid erection. Then he started to go to town... unfortunately, in his enthusiasm, forgetting that he was ministering to a cock which had never received this kind of attention before. Lance's groans, and Justin's higher-pitched counterpoint, blended so gorgeously in JC's ears that the sudden torrent of saltbitter liquid caught him quite by surprise.

When he raised his head, Lance was looking mostly blissful, but just a little bit dismayed too.

"Never mind. I can keep myself occupied until you're, um. Justin, would you like—?"

"I already did," Justin admitted sadly.

"Oh. Well. I didn't," said JC. His own erection was doing very nicely, thank you.

"Perhaps I could...?" Lance offered. JC was not going to let that kind of eagerness go to waste, so he swung his legs to the floor and indicated that Lance might kneel between them. Justin's eyes were already bulging again by the time Lance settled into position.

It wasn't the world's greatest blowjob, but a very creditable effort all the same, JC thought approvingly. Enthusiasm was most appealing, in such circumstances. It should be rewarded. Gently, he detached Lance from his by now extremely cheerful cock, and ushered him back onto the bed, positioning pillows carefully. Ah, that magnificent ass, offered and waiting for him. JC hummed as he slicked his fingers and slid first one, then two, into that virgin opening. Lance groaned and wriggled. So did Justin. Ah, the resilience of youth. They were both hard again.

Happily, JC applied condom and lube, and slid himself carefully home. Lance's groans ascended in pitch and volume as he was slowly, deliberately and very thoroughly fucked. Then JC realised, charmed, that Justin had crept close and was reaching underneath Lance's writhing body to take hold of Lance's cock. What a sweet gesture! JC quickened his pace and added some very special hip thrusts until Lance went tautly silent, biting the pillow, and clenched helplessly around him, and he came with a shout of triumph.

"But what about me?" Justin wailed, as JC pulled carefully out and disposed of the filled condom.

"Soon," JC promised.

Justin poked Lance in the soft mid-section. "What was it like? Was it good?"

"Uhhhmmmm." Lance raised a dopily-happy face. "Yeah. Oh, yeah. Amazing."

Justin looked pained. He didn't believe in delayed gratification, JC knew, but there was nothing to be done about that right now. The flesh, however willing, needed a little time here.

"Perhaps I could..." Lance offered tentatively. Quite right, thought JC, smiling at Justin, never refuse a blowjob. He watched appreciatively, and offered a few suggestions. No wonder Justin had blown his stack, watching, earlier—this was definitely hot. He leaned over and kissed Justin, sliding his tongue between those gorgeous lips, licking carefully round and discovering an unexpected tang... JC had already tasted Lance's ejaculate this evening. Naughty Justin. How delicious.

"Stop!" Justin panted. "I don't wanna - not yet." He crawled away from Lance and pushed JC back down onto the bed, and licked wetly down over JC's throat and chest to where his cock was beginning to reanimate. Took it all into his mouth, while he still could - which didn't last long. There was much noisy and eager suckling and licking, and then—oh, yes!—two tongues licking at his cock, which was very definitely up to speed again now, two mouths sharing him and wow, this was definitely to be encouraged. JC moaned. Possibly he wimpered. He reached down and caressed their heads, one curly, one sleek, and spread his thighs so that their wandering hands could explore freely.

"My turn now!" Little diva, so demanding, JC thought affectionately. Justin was lying prone on the bed, but variety was the spice of life, and Justin was very flexible, so JC turned him over, positioned Justin's ankles over his own shoulders, and went to work with his fingers until Justin was begging incoherently, then pulled out for a condom moment.

He eased in, watching every sensation reflected in Justin's mobile face: the apprehension as the size of it registered, the twitches of discomfort ("Relax, baby, relax,"), the gratified beginnings of real pleasure, the astonishment at that first contact with the crucial spot, disbelief, helpless ecstasy... JC was so enchanted with the display, it took him a moment to notice that something else was happening here, that a cautious but determined finger was sliding into his own ass. That Lance was right here beside them on the bed, with one hand tormenting Justin's nipple, and the other... oh—OH! Fast learner. JC bent lower over Justin, till he could reach that irresistible mouth with his own and add the fierce motion of his tongue to the implacable rhythm of his cock driving in. Justin was bent in half, his ankles round JC's ears, but he didn't seem to care. JC spread his own knees wider, humping desperately as Lance's finger found that sweet spot inside him. And suddenly there was a hot slippery gush against his stomach, and Justin shuddering, and JC bucked hard and came with a groan.

He staggered back to his own single room some time later, legs trembling with the effort of movement. JC barely had the strength to pull his clothes off again before he fell onto his own pristine bed. Shower would have to wait till tomorrow. Those two were insatiable!

He'd left them his supplies, and the 50 pfennig coin.



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