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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

Sleight of Hand

by Madison, written for Sidwich

15 days till the wedding

He was a clothes horse. He knew it, his family and friends knew it. Even Jive and a select MTV people knew it. JC liked clothes like cat loved nip.

But only his stylist, the guys and he knew that he hated wearing cummerbunds though. They itched, or at least always looked like they were going to itch later on whenever he looked in the mirror. Also they looked weird, like corsets that had been cut in half, for men. Why would anyone design something that ugly? Who was it?

While he was contemplating the history of tuxedoes, he heard his soon to be brother-in-law's voice from beyond the dressing room screen.

"JC? Are you done? Heather is calling for us."

JC took one last look at the soon-to-itch cummerbund and stepped out from behind the screen.

"Yeah. Let's get this over with."

Stephen laughed.

"Hey, at least yours is black. Mine is white. I can't believe I'm going to wear a white tuxedo to my wedding."

"You must really love my sister to do it," JC said as the two of them walked out to the viewing room.

The squeals overwhelmed any response from Stephen.

"Oh my god! You look so good! Don't they look good, Ma?"

Heather, her face flushed with wedding bliss, hugged her fiancé's arm and looked him and her brother over.

"Of course they look good. Two such handsome men. One my son and the other my soon to be son-in-law," Karen Chasez exclaimed before kissing both Stephen and JC on the cheeks.

"It's not as if you have not seen me in a tux before, Ma," JC drawled in amusement.

"I haven't! I don't call that strange outfit you wore to the last award show, a tux. It was pink for Christ's sake!"

"It was salmon and it was a Tom Ford, Ma."

"Seriously, JC honey. If you hadn't already come out to us, we would have known by just the things you wear sometimes."

Heather and Stephen brayed with laughter at that comment while JC laid a wet kiss on his mother's cheeks and laughed.

"So does everything fit well?"

The family turned to look at the tailor who was standing back a distance, surveying his handiwork that was now on both Stephen and JC. Heather and Karen immediately began to ask questions about Stephen's tux while the tailor fussed over the groom.

JC gladly took a step back and stood in front of another mirror and fiddled with the cummerbund. Just then his cell rang. JC reached for the phone that lay on the table where he had left his belongings earlier and checked the caller I.D. Smiling he answered.

"Guess what. Heather has Stephen in a white tux. I don't know whether to feel sorry for the guy or laugh at him."

"Who says you can't do both? How about you? Is the cummerbund itching?" Justin asked, knowing his boyfriend only too well.

"Beginning to. So what's up?"

"Can't I just call to hear your voice? I miss you."

"I miss you too, Timberlake. So quickly get your butt down here. The wedding is in two weeks."

"Since when did it take two weeks to fly down to Maryland from New York?"

"Since I decided I needed at least two weeks in private with your luscious body once I see it."

"Ah! That explains the time warp. But what if I said that you would have to wait an extra week to get access to so called luscious body?"

JC stopped fiddling with the cummerbund and frowned at his reflection.

"Do I want to hear this?"

"Probably not. Jayce, I need to go to Japan. Johnny signed me up for…"

"Say no more. I can fill in the rest of the blanks."

"I can of course make it in time for the big event. No way I am missing it but the earliest I can get there is August 10."

"You're gonna miss my birthday?"

"Yeah. So, how long am I going to be in the dog house for that?"

"I don't know. Said dog may not live that long."

"Jace, come on. You know I fought hard on this."

"I know. Shit. This sucks."

"I know. I promise to make it up to you."

"Yeah well. I expect two birthday presents then."

"Sure. I will get you a 'Cheese of the Month" Club membership along with your 'Tropical Fruit of the Month" Club membership. No expenses spared for you. Jace."

"Doggie is asking for it now."

Justin laughed and sighed.

"I love you, Chasez."

"I love you too, Timberlake. I better go before Heather talks the tailor into changing my tux into a beige one. Then again, that does not sound too bad."

Justin laughed on the line.

"I'll call you tomorrow, dork."

JC was smiling until flipped his phone shut. Then he remembered that the reason for his smile would not be coming to him for another week. Sometimes having a talented, boyfriend who was internationally in demand, really sucked.


7 days till the wedding

JC loved his family; missed them like crazy when he was on tour. But after a week of non-stop exposure to all his aunts and uncles and cousins and nephews and nieces and even family pets, he was ready to miss them again…from afar.

The wedding preparations were in full swing but still there was no avoiding a birthday party…or the birthday pranks.

JC gamely put up with the howls of laughter as he took the towel from his mom and wiped his face of the cake that his Uncle Matt has pushed his face into.

"Laugh it up, now. But you are the ones who are going to have to eat the smushed up cake!" JC snorted.

Excusing himself to wash his face, he hurried up to the bathroom. He finished washing his face and was trying to wipe the strands of hair which had cream on them when his pocket vibrated. This time he just answered immediately without checking the caller I.D.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to the most sexiest, prettiest, sweetest man in the world! Happy birthday to you!"

"That was one long ass song but yet it could use more superlatives," JC replied, grinning at his reflection in the mirror.

"I bet. How's the birthday boy?"

"Creamy and wet."

"Ooo! Are we getting into phone sex now?"

"I meant I've had my face pushed into cake and am trying to wash it out."

"Aw man!" Justin chortled on the line. "I wish I was there. I could help you clean up."

"I bet. How's Japan?"



"It's cool here. But I don't know. Some of these kids have really weird concepts about what looks trendy."

"Harajuku girls?"

"Bless you."

"No, you dork! I'm talking about those girls who wear those really unconventional fashions."

"Yep, loads of them here."

"I think they are kind of cool and edgy."

"You would."

"Hey! You gonna insult the birthday boy?"

"I wouldn't dare. I miss you."

"Yeah me too but you'll be here the day after tomorrow right?"


JC lost his smile.


"Maybe a little later."

"How late?"


"You better end that with an hour."


"The wedding's on Sunday, Justin! You can't arrive on Sunday!" JC huffed.

"Sure I can! If I get there by 7am, I will be all set."

"J, why are you not leaving Japan tomorrow?" JC sighed, sitting on the sink-top.

"There was this interview that got postponed and it's an important one to reaching out to the Japanese market. I have to do it."

"I bet. So…what? You gonna leave for the States on next Friday night?"

"Saturday afternoon. I'll make it on time."

"Geesh man, maybe you should just skip this if it is going to be so much trouble."

"Come on, JC. Don't say that."

"The way things are going, I think I can expect a call from you on Sunday morning that you can't make it."

"Of course I can make it! Even if I have to parachute into that church, I will make it."


"JC. Come on. Give me the benefit of the doubt all right? I'm trying here," Justin pleaded.

"Fine. But if I don't see your cute ass in that church on that day, you won't see mine for a few months."

"Ouch. Harsh but it won't come to that. Promise."

"Ok, so I'll see you on Sunday?"

"With bells on."

"Forget the bells. Just make sure you bring your tux." He was interrupted by the bangs on the door.

"Hey, Chasez! Hurry up! It's time for the birthday boy's keg surprise!" Chris yelled from outside the bathroom

"Keg surprise?" Justin asked.

"I've got not idea. Wish me luck."

"Damn! I wish I could be there to take advantage of your drunk ass," Justin whined.


"I've got to go before the gremlin and Joey break down the door."

"Have a good birthday, JC."

"Won't be good till I get my present next Sunday."

"I've bought it."

"I meant you. Love you asshole. Bye."

JC pocketed his phone, crossed his fingers on both hands and looked upwards, before leaving for the celebrations downstairs.


Wedding Day

The dial tone sounded in JC's ears and he flipped his phone close.

"Still no answer?" Lance asked, checking his tie in the mirror.

"No. He probably has it turned off because he is on the plane. The question is, is said plane anywhere near landing on American soil?" JC replied.

"He'll make it, Jace," Lance assured.

It was already 9. They had to leave for church in a few minutes' time and there was no sigh of Justin.

There was knock on JC's door before the door opened slightly and Karen peeked in.

"Honey? Your dad needs your help with his tux. Could you help him?"

JC stepped out of his room and kissed his mother on her cheeks.

"Sure ma. Keep calling Justin."

"No problem. I'll get Lynn to call too."

It was 9.40 by the time they left the house in the limos and headed for the church. Still there was no sign of Justin.

From the moment he arrived at the church, JC was busy shaking hands and kissing cheeks. He had just guided his grandaunt to her seat when he felt arms around his neck. He spun around.

"Hey Jace! Do you know if Sally, your uber hot cousin is seeing anyone?"

JC grinned and rolled his eyes.

"For the thousandth time, she's married, Chris. You seen, Lance and Joey?"

"Yeah. Was attacked by Brianna the moment I stepped in. So you heard from the J-man yet?"

"No. When I do, I'm going to kick his ass."

"I've been calling his cell as well. No answer."

"I don't think he's going to make it," JC said, softly.

"I don't know. He's never broken a promise before. Keep the faith, Jace!"

"Josh," Lynn Harliss walked up to JC and kissed him on the cheek. "Oh! You look wonderful!"

JC smiled and returned the kiss.

"And Christopher! Where have you been hiding?! I haven't seen you in ages!"

"And I too have been denied the sight of thy beautiful face, madam!" Chris waxed, bowing and kissing Lynn's hand.

"Oh you! Always a kidder!" Lynn laughed before turning little serious. "I've been calling Justin but I can't through either. But Trace called Johnny and he assured him that Justin was on the place and on the way," Lynn assured.

"Let's just hope he gets here in time."

The wedding march began and JC gestured for Chris and Lynn to take their seat while he headed up towards the altar to stand beside Heather's bridesmaid. As the music swelled, everyone turned and looked towards the great oak doors that opened into the chapel. Heather was a resplendent bride, walking in on the arms of Roy. JC smiled as he heard quite a few 'awws' and 'ahhs' and looked towards Stephen. The man was practically glowing with pride and love as he watched his bride walk towards him.

Soon, Roy has kissed Heather's cheek and handed her over to Stephen and the couple faced the priest who began the ceremony.

"We are gathered here today to join together Stephen Elliot Bedford and Heather Chelsea Chasez in holy matrimony…"

Just then the silent-but-for-the wedding vows chapel was filled the thud of the oak doors closing and hurried footsteps. JC, along with quite a few guests turned to see who it was.

JC grinned as Justin waved at him and slid into one of the seats at the back of the chapel followed by Mike, his security personnel.

"May I have the rings, please…"


By the time the bride had kissed the groom and walked towards the reception to the tune of a romantic ballad, JC was beside Justin. Mindful of some distant relatives in the chapel, he pulled Justin into a tight but chaste hug.

"Well, I was sure I was going to get another apologetic phone-call from you," JC said, grinning at the Justin.

"I'm a man of my words, ok?"

"Yeah right. You said you would be here much earlier. You're just lucky you're cute and I'm hot for your ass, Timberlake."

"You're just full of flattery, Chasez."

"Have any trouble with the paparazzi?"

"Nah! Just played the 'I'm late for my best friend's sister's wedding' card and they pretty much left me alone."

"Good. So so far so good."

"Justin! You're finally here! Honestly, Justin!" Lynn interrupted.

"Aw mom! I missed you too!" Justin replied with a grin and kissed Lynn's cheek.

"Everything is ready. The reception has started and the guests are helping themselves to the food. The families are waiting in the inner chapel. Heather and Stephen too. Are you two ready?"

Justin and JC grinned and held out an arm each to Lynn who beamed and took both. They walked towards the side-door which led to the smaller, more intimate chapel.

A loud applause erupted once they stepped in. Joey and Chris even began to wolf-whistle before Kelly and Lance slapped upside their respective heads.

Everyone was there. At least everyone who knew of Justin and JC's relationship. Lynn gestured the two of them towards the waiting priest and joined her husband and younger son. Heather practically glowed on her new husband's arm as she stood beside Karen, Roy and Tyler.

Justin and JC held hands in front of the very priest who had married Heather and Stephen. Though the marriage would not be legally recognized, it would be recognized by those who really mattered.

They began the commitment ceremony.


"Listen to this! Nsync member, JC Chasez's sister Heather Chasez tied the knot with long time beau Stephen Bedford last Saturday. The wedding was attended by all Nsync members, including Justin Timberlake who according to sources cancelled media engagements in Japan to attend the wedding. However the real scoop is that there have reports that Cameron Diaz was reported to have snuck into the St. Theresa's Chapel in a Dior white creation. Did Timberlake and Diaz tie the knot under the guise of another wedding?"

JC put the paper down and looked at Justin.

"So did you, you bigamist?!"

Justin snorted.

"I'm just amazes they even thought Cameron was sneaking into the chapel. I mean that woman can't take a leak without letting everyone know."

"Still you have to admit, they were pretty close this time. Not that they would ever be able to prove anything," JC said, coming to straddle Justin's lap.

"You would have thought that we could get married in St. Theresa's Chapel with paparazzi waiting outside and a few hundred guests stuffing their faces in just the next room," Justin mused.

"Where there's a will, there's a way. Now where's my belated birthday gift?"

"I thought I gave it to you at the wedding," Justin said, grinning.

JC frowned in confusion.


"Me, JC. I gave you me," Justin said, with a smug grin.

JC scoffed.

"I had you long before that day, Timberlake!"

Justin smiled and leaned down to kiss JC.

"True. So true."


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