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Popslash Index

General statement: all my stories are available for remixing, recording and derivative work,
so long as you're not (bizarrely) trying to make money from them.
Ideally, you'll send me a link.
General warning: I don't do warnings for sex. I write with the expectation of an adult audience. That doesn't mean that there is rampant,
explicit m/m sex in every story I write, but there may be. If you are too young for this, or don't fancy it, don't read it.
I will warn for non-con. If you'd like more detail about possible problematic content, feel free to contact me.
Stories are presented in order of writing (except where stories go logically together); the first was written in April 2005.
Categories for length are as follows: mini = under 1,000 words; short = 1,000 - 3,000; medium = 3,000 - 10,000; long = over 10,000 words.
I rather enjoy being surprised by what I read, so on this page the pairings are not listed.
However, if you prefer to know in advance who you're getting, you can use the Alternative Popslash Index.

The JuC Swap Stories

are now hosted here JuC Swap Index

The Dragon Challenge Index

is here featuring dragon stories (2006), dragons and/or dwarves (2007), dragons, dwarves, dolphins (2008), dragons, dwarves, dolphins, diamonds (2009), and finally, dragons, dwarves,dolphins, diamonds, demons (2010).

The Chronicles of Lancyn and Ser Chrisfer Index

This is an AU set in a fantasy world, written as an 'episodic', in which Ser Chrisfer is an Elite knight who acquires a squire for purposes of spreading justice and getting into trouble. NB Most of these stories are now available as podfic; see story pages for download links.

Allsorts here

a collection of drabbles and other fragments, mostly crack

Podfics here

a small but growing collection of podfics of other people's work, recorded by Pen


Merchandising - in which two of the guys go to an interview on April 1st, and discover an untapped marketing opportunity (short)

A Little Bit Extra - It's gonna be a good show tonight, he's going to make it last, really milk it... a masturbation fic, set in the early days (short)

I Remember Sky - it's all about Justin (mini)

Fettered - tied up, blindfolded, forced to listen and imagine and wish (short)

Choice - companion piece to Fettered, from another point of view (short)

Pink Elephants - there's an elephant on the bus. It's pink (short)

Almost Like Calvin and Hobbes - inspired by the correspondence of two NSYNC members with certain comic strip characters (mini)

Thirteen Years and Counting - a reunion fic, featuring Larry King (long)

Separate Trajectories - a brief musing about hiatus (mini)

Justin Junior - mpreg, and total crack (mini)

Junior Grows Up (mini)

On The Beach - a brief encounter with a small child (mini)

Fantasies - He thinks about what he can't have, and what he doesn't really want, except that it's so hot... another masturbation fic (mini)

RHPS ficlet - a handful of Rocky Horror references pulled together into a scene (mini)

Warm oil and an innocent smile - "I'm holding an IOU for one AJ McLean, sex slave." (short)

Straight It's AJ's turn to be in charge, if only he can manage to win the game.

Headache - someone's pining, someone's worried, someones interrupt; an attempt to write popslash with a flavour of Georgette Heyer (short)

Ripples - posing in front of the mirror can elicit the desired response (mini)

Oops - in which something unfortunate happens with a pair of handcuffs, but it all works out in the end (short)

Backstage - the sparkly ones in Shakespearean humour (mini)

A Tale of Torment and Sweet Revenge - a baby!Sync story with snark, coffee and underwear (short)

Midnight Rodeo - in which the giant space bulls play a crucial role (short)

Round Dance - a body-swap story, with even more complications than usual (long)

May We? Excerpt from a Fortnight in June - AU, set in Cambridge, England, and involving a evening punting trip (mini)

Dinner - "You telling me I'm so damn sexy even my straight friends want me?" (mini)

Strangers - Lance meets someone interesting at the television studio, and gets a masterclass (short)

Dame - Lance has just been to see 'Aladdin' at the Old Vic. (mini)

Broken - "I broke my fucking neck, you shithead, I'm stuck in this" he can barely get the words out, he's so furious, "fucking chair for the rest of my life, and you tell me it could be worse?" (medium)

Broken Lance a partial alternative point of view on the story (mini)

Work - AU in which one of our boys inherits a retail business, and another works there (short)

The Swan - in which JC has an, er, unusual love interest, and Lance investigates. (short)

What You See May Not Be What You Get - it's all very well wanting someone else to share a relationship, but what happens when you get the details wrong? (long) (including either of two optional endings)

Epilogue - a few years later. This can be read after either ending.

Phone Calls - there's a problem, but it's the kind that can be fixed if you have the right contacts (mini)

Sunglasses - watching through the window, because Chris is in a mood

A Hogwarts Christmas - there's a poodle in the Slytherin common room. And then... (medium)

Prize - Lance asks what Chris wants for his birthday, and doesn't much like the answer For SeSa 2005 (medium)


An Empty Cardboard Box - you can learn things you didn't want to know, when someone has had too much to drink (mini)

Quiet - there's too much noise on the bus (mini)

Option B - an unexpected guest insists on being properly entertained (medium)

Frosty - waking up on a cold morning (mini)

Slippery - exotic options are all very well, but there's something to be said for simplicity (mini)

Be My Valentine - an anonymous invitation puts a familiar face in a new light (mini)

Home Cooking - in which there is a celebration, involving cake (short)

Fourteen Lines - a sonnet extolling the pure and perfect love between man and lava lamp

Sit! Stay! - doing as you are told can be quite a treat, it turns out (mini)

LaLa - fascination with shiny objects (mini)

Reindeer Games (the Like a Lightbulb Remix) - Is fortunate I was able to obtain diary journal with key. Will speak of it to no-one. Shudder to think what Kirkpatrick and Timberlake would do with information that I am writing down innermost thoughts. (medium)

Practice - set just before the *Nsync vs BSB basketball game (short)

Cocktail Party - Justin's out on his own now, touring and doing publicity in London, but a visitor is always nice (short)

The BFL "Okay then. No such thing as dragons, which, thank you, I already kinda knew. Except there's one in the forest down there." Euro!Sync. (medium)

Prone "There was something about the smell of a tattoo parlor, hot metal and steam from the autoclave and a waft of cigarette smoke from the waiting room, antiseptic mixed with the scent of rebellion, it brought back memories." (medium)

You want some help with that? and Working from the same script, prequel and epilogue to Prone, involving Lance, masturbation, and Chris fantasies. Both (mini)

With Food on the Table - a late-night snack, something tempting (short)

Moonlight Robbery - historical AU; a journey towards a bitter end is interrupted (short)

The Story of James Lance, who Told Lies, and Came to a Sticky End - a little versification not unrelated to Hilaire Belloc's poem about Matilda

Comfort Food - ice-cream can work wonders on a person (mini)

Brown fur with blond tips - in which someone is given a teddybear, and abuses it shamefully (mini)

Who's Your Daddy? - In which there is, well, a bit of a mystery. Written for the wtf27 crack!fic challenge, to a prompt of mpreg (short)

Chris Finally Asked Me Last Summer - a coming out story, of a sort. (mini)

Toga Party - what does a hot young superstar deserve? An orgy, of course. (mini)

Horny - It's just another packed week in Europe. Until the unicorn shows up. (medium)

Ribbit Conversation lacks nuance when you are Leptodactylidae. (mini)

Six Words There's something unexpected on the donor list for the AIDS walk. Features Reichen. (short)

A Night at the Palace It's a life of drudgery, boredom and sneakiness, until one night a fairy godmother arrives. (medium)

To the Bass Ass A sonnet.

Invisible It's time to wake up. (mini)

Found He may have been hiding, but he definitely wanted them to find him again. (mini)

Stomach Ache That queasy feeling a guy gets when he knows there's something wrong but not how to fix it. Very early era. (mini)

Happy Birthday, Kirkpatrick "She was class. Poised. Figure like a model. Stunning. Absolutely the kind of woman who inevitably went home with JC, from her shiny shoulder-length hair to the tips of her expensive shoes. Classy. Aristocratic, even." Turning thirty-five has unexpected side effects. (short)

Anomaly unexpected arrivals on the Enterprise-D (short)

The Little Dustbuster That Could Little squares of paper with enigmatic messages, it has to be love. For SeSa 2006 (long)

The Sprinkle Fairy When your bus-mates don't seem to have a clue, it might help to throw a little magic into the situation. For SeSa 2006 (medium)


JC's Unsatisfactory Vacation in which he goes skiing with a friend, but things don't quite turn out as planned. (medium)

Working Overtime an AU in which someone needs an incentive to come home... (short)

Let your Fingers do the Walking Thank God for home movies, he thought, reaching for a kleenex. (short)

Not Sleeping Alone - If I thought it would make a difference to you, I'd stop. (mini)

World Tour (the Let's Go By Vegas Remix) in which Tiny is just doing his job. (medium)

Seeing the Light in which Howie receives a... bright, shiny gift. (mini)

If you want to fly Clena is employed to shovel dragonshit, and Lance is auditioning for some pop group in Florida. (long)

The Christmas Tree Conspiracy It's high time Lance had a proper boyfriend. Also, there are certain people who deserve to die, horribly, but you can't have everything. (medium)

Shade - a story in which there is a rape scene. Consider yourself warned. (short)

Done? in which JC has an incentive to leave the studio, eventually (mini)

All Things Nice You cannot make cake properly without tasting the mixture (short)

Ducks There are little glowy objects in the bathroom. (mini)

Audience after the fabulous fashion show in Vienna, JC sees something interesting (short)

Early Days it isn't easy to maintain a relationship when you're fighting your way to fame (mini)

Something in the air the aroma of spaghetti sauce, and possibly a hint of ferret. (mini)

The 'Lance's Halloween Party' trio

Riff Raff Chris is wearing a dress, but JC... isn't. (mini)

Let's Do The Time Warp Again It looks set to be a dull party, until he notices the stockings. (short)

Two young, ordinary kids Brad and Janet's costumes aren't that boring after all. (short)

An Amphibian Fairy Tale in which the Crown Prince is supposed to be looking for his One True Love, but it's raining. (short)

Illumination There's only so much a Lamp can do to heal a rift. (short)

Unnatural Things are very much weirder than they should be, and it's frightening. (medium)

A Tale of Dreams and Asses A reunion tour isn't easy for everyone. For MTYG 2007 (long)

It Pays to Advertise (revised version) Lou Pearlman's advertising agency isn't a bad place to work. For a while. (medium)


Standard Response A conversation about Chris's defense mechanisms. (short)

An Invitation to Dance Joey dances, and Lance feels the heat. (mini)

Mixed Messages What is it with German girls, anyway? (mini)

Perquisite One of the best things about working from home is the, hmm, scenery. (short)

Wide Eyed and Legless There's a very potent cocktail called Dragon's Breath; its consequences are... interesting (medium). NB A lot of very-drunk sex. If this brings up consent issues for you, treat with caution.

Tribute When there's a dragon in the sky, someone has to be sacrificed (medium).

Now that's what I call a motherfucking oedipus complex (the So tell me about your mother remix) in which Justin doesn't like the way JC and his mama have been carrying on. (short)

The White Room Fuck or die, in space, but rather less cracked than that sounds. Definitely dub-con. (long)

A version of The White Room with author commentary.

The Tale of the Wealthy Young Man and the Slave who Gained his Freedom the title says it all, really (short)

Free Range in which AJ lays eggs, and JC wishes to hatch them (mini)

Liar in which Lance tells a lie that Justin can't exactly argue with (mini)

Roped in which Justin is learning to be a cowboy, and Kevin provides the incentive (mini)

Cat Buster doesn't much like his visitor, but it works out pretty well for Chris (short)

The Joy and the Color JC meets someone who seems oddly familiar, and finds they have much in common. (mini)

Show You the Shape of my What? There is a TRAILER for this story and it is a thing of beauty, so do, please, take a look. The story is a pop re-telling of The Full Monty, written for the Bittybang challenge (long)

Collaboration When their manager sends them to the same event, JC and AJ discover they have a lot in common (medium) Written for trumpeterofdoom in MTYG 2008.


Pretend Nick and Justin are in love with married people. So they pretend. Together. (mini)

Snufflekisses in which Chris discovers the cutest pet ever, and so does Lance. (medium)

the passed day will shine Upon my pillow (remix of The Commons of Sleep) JC's life is smoother now, and yet there's something gone. (short)

Shiny Teeth Lance's dental care routine is frankly over the top. (short)

Bite Chris can't stop thinking about Lance's sharp, shiny teeth. (short)

Hooked on the Sensation Lance has to stop, because Chris won't (short)

The Song of Chris Kirkpatrick, somewhat inspired by The Song of Hiawatha. Scarily. A smallish epic poem.

Bouquet Lance was not sure he wanted to meet Adam Lambert. On the one hand, incredibly hot guy, great singer, on the other hand, there was that little throwaway dig he'd made about 'celebrity-magazine bullshit' in his coming-out interview. Lance wasn't sure if that meant him or not, but he'd had too much experience of that kind of crap to discount it completely, and he didn't want to risk having his fears confirmed. (Long) Written for the RPF Big Bang challenge.

Out-take: Ring, ring-a ling-a In which Lance arranges a small gift for Adam. Set during the tour. (mini)

Out-takes: Acacia and Pink Hyacinth; little extras, one of which features a gorilla, because I couldn't quite bring myself to stop writing it. (short)

Switch In which Lance and Adam try something they haven't tried before (short)

Photoshoot (about three months after the end of Bouquet). Adam is nervous. Lance helps. (short)

The Adam Lambert Experience It's Halloween, and the boys are going to a costume party. (short)

Feast, or, what every gay Jewish boy wants for Christmas In which Lance thinks of a spectacular way to celebrate the festive season (long)

Ribbons, Bows and Beads In which Lance gives Adam a day-after-his-birthday present (short)

Jolly Hockey Sticks, in which five intrepid gels are really good sports (medium)

Not a Fighter Pilot JC is worried about Lance in the aftermath of Lance's breakup (short)

for this world to be unbroken a post-apocalyptic AU in which AJ, Nick, Brian and Howie are surviving as best they can as they pursue their quest. Written for MTYG 2009 (long)


No Regrets in which Chris and AJ conclude that it's the things you don't do that you regret the most (mini)

JC's Family ficlets about married JC and his offspring (two mini fics)

A Quarter After Eleven Chris and Lance have a long term relationship. Trouble is, it only lasts a day. (short)

can't see the wood for the 42Ds Adam wakes up to the startling discovery that some of his favorite bits are missing, and he has acquired others which make it difficult to fit into his clothes. (medium)

Croak (the Salientian and Sorry Remix) Nick Carter is a frog, and can't persuade anyone to kiss him better. (short)

you ain't the prettiest girl in town no more seduction, Trickyfish style

Twice around the prompts (ten different pairings, can be read in any order)

I An Association with Dolphins Lance performs godfatherly duties

II Sparkle Joey has dinner with Justin
III Talking it up Justin is wary of JC's birthday party
IV Steel Dragon AJ doesn't like rollercoasters. Except for some.
V Dreamer Brian still has the dreams, sometimes.
VI Someday he'll be taller It's not fair being the youngest, Nick thinks.
VII Water Baby Nick is the Dolphin Ambassador, and Kevin needs a favor.
VIII La Leyenda Howie's business is under threat, but there's a guardian to help.
IX Bargain Howie really is exceptionally hot these days. How does he do that?

X Aces High Chris has to be creative, with Lance.

The First Step Lance is walking the dogs, and meets an oddly familiar stranger (short)

The Pussycat and the Porcupine JC rescues a kitten on his way to a blind date (medium)


Picture Perfect In which Lance has embarrassing pictures of Chris, and is a very generous boyfriend. (mini)

Different Harmonies A story of the early days, in which Lance doesn't like Kevin Richardson, until he does. (short)

As You Like I Love You (being the first part of The History of Justin Timberlake) Johnny brings the news that the record company execs don't want Lance, and the group refuse to accept that. In blank verse. For remix 2011. (short)

Fairy Tale Five handsome princes in search of suitable princesses. (short)

Wings Would Be Cool HS AU in which Nick has a guardian angel, and Lance... doesn't. (medium)


Cake Chris has an emergency, and Lance is setting him up on a blind date. (short)

Oh, the Places You'll Go Lance's christening present to his goddaughter is something that'll last for ever (mini)

just because It's Valentine's Day, but Justin's boyfriend hates Valentine's Day, so Justin is not going to do anything romantic. (mini)

The Oddly Glitchy Interface (remix) Howie has a fantasy man on the holodeck. So does Brian. (short)

Wanna Tell Me About It? present-day AU in which Adam Lambert is an aspiring actor and Lance is a TV producer. Their first meeting does not go well. (long)

It's Cool, It's Hot, It's a Relationship, It's Not JC and AJ have a good thing going, until the unexpected breakup. (medium)


clear my eyes In which JC has a dilemma, Lance is pining, and Nick is having a good time (medium)

take a second just to breathe an expansion of the epilogue; basically, threesome porn (medium)

doin' this tonight, or maybe in the morning Justin has asked the guys to participate in his VMAs performance (short)

After Pancakes Joey watches JC eat his pancakes, and things progress very nicely from there (short)


Dragon Country In a world not altogether unlike ours, Lance Bass is an employment agent and part-time dragon hunter, and Adam Lambert, who wears dragon-hide boots, is looking for a job. Warning: contains a scene of rape and violence. (long)

Perceptions of Reality JC's sculptures may not even be the weirdest thing about him. (long)

in porco, veritas Brian is on a mission to find the perfect pet for his son's birthday. It gets unexpectedly complicated. And then there are the dreams... For MTYG 2014 (long)

Hair The Sphynkter concert was awesome, but afterwards, Nick wants more. So he goes to find it. (medium)


Thriller Chris has a trilogy to write, so he's procrastinating. But things around him are starting to look a little bit off, and he'd rather write than think about what's happening. (long)


Fallen Down I'm Still Alive Brian is a stuntman, and gets the opportunity to create a whole new show. But.... (medium)


Mirror, Mirror Lance gets a visit from someone he really, really wasn't expecting, and ends up putting the universe to rights. Just not his own universe. (long)

Jamie A little dog tries to adopt Lance, but he can't keep her, and Chris takes care of her instead. (medium)

No Man's Fort Joey has been hired as the chef de cuisine for a wedding on an exclusive venue in the middle of Portsmouth Harbour. He is dismayed to discover who's been hired as the pastry chef. (medium)

Con-Stir-Nation Chris is bewildered by the extensive convention programme, but he meets a couple of guys who guide him through it. (medium)


Taking Turns Chris has been learning to dance. He's almost sure his dance teacher likes him back. This is a sequel to someone else's story! (short)

Out of the Habit Joshua is a discontented novice. When visitors arrive at the Abbey, his life changes dramatically. (short)


Wanna Tell Me About It (Extended Version) present-day AU in which Adam Lambert is an aspiring actor and Lance is a TV producer. (long)


Sea-colored Eyes Chris's life is going just fine, but things get more complicated when he fishes a mermaid. (short)



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