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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

Life's Driving Strength

by Mary, written for Lydia

"Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It is the rhythm of your life. It is the
expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy."

Jacques D'Ambroise

JC watched the class, trying to pick out the dancers he wanted for the ballet he was choreographing for the final showcase. He already knew which females he wanted, there was no doubt about it. Kelliana, who had agreed to be his assistant choreographer for those times when he had to leave for a traveling performance, agreed with his choices for females but they weren't sure who to choose as the males for the ballet.

Jordan, JC knew he wanted the Cuban dancer. He was almost a second version of JC but with a slightly different style, one that was a bit more modern than JC liked, but it worked perfectly and he loved the way the dances just flowed from him.

Frederick was a possibility though his jumps needed to be controlled more.

JC's careful eyes watched as Justin Timberlake stood in front of the mirror, ignoring the others practicing around him. The younger man fixed his form and listened to the music in his head and JC saw the movements of the dance flow from his limbs like ribbons uncurling and wrapping perfectly around the gift of nearly-perfect technique.

JC smiled and twitched lightly when he felt a hand on his arm. "We have to get ready," Kelliana said softly so as not to disturb the class. JC nodded and followed her out of the room, heading towards the theatre where they would dance later that night, where JC could fly.

By 7:45 pm, JC was ready at the wings of the stage on the night of the gala. He was stretched. His make-up was done. His costume fit perfectly. His toe shoes were comfortable. Kelliana's hand slipped into his and he squeezed it lightly before leading her on-stage, leaping into a world only they knew.

There was something about being on the stage that thrilled JC, even to this day. It didn't matter that he had been dancing for almost 14 years because he lost himself to the dance every single time. He let the music wrap around him and carry him across the stage to new worlds where only he and the other dancers with him on stage existed.

His arms held Kelliana tightly around her hips before he let go of her, pushing her away from his body gently as she leaped away from him before sliding back next to him and they rocked – on the beat, on the beat, on the beat – across the stage before losing each other in a series of chaotic movements that only true dancers could understand.

This was what he lived for. The spotlights, the bows, the applause, the roses – he didn't need those. All he needed was the music and a place to let his body move freely against the waves of air that stole his breath away.

"That was amazing!" Britney gushed to Justin. "When are you gonna be up there, doing that, J?"

"Not any time soon, Brit." He smiled and said hey as a group of his fellow dancers came up to them outside the gala and laughed when Jordan spun Britney away from Justin into his arms. "I thought you didn't like girls, Jordan."

"Doesn't matter," he teased. "I'll go straight for this one." Britney, who had learned to love Jordan in the four days she had been in New York, laughed and smacked him. "Ouch!"

"If you dipped me any lower, this dress would have risen even higher," she informed him, giggling when he made a disgusted face. "Exactly."

"Hey," someone behind them said. They turned and saw another of their group, Damien, come up with baskets full of roses tied with ribbons. "We gotta start selling these." They nodded and grabbed a bundle each.

"Sorry, Brit," Justin apologized. "Duty calls. You'll be around?"

"Yeah, I want to meet that dancer, the guy!" She squealed before she bounded up the stairs, leaving the dancers behind.

"Of course she does," Jordan whispered in Justin's ear. "They always want to meet him. I hope she knows he doesn't like her kind." Justin snorted as they climbed the final steps. "Catch you around."

Justin nodded and sighed, walking around and asking patrons if they wanted to buy a rose for one of the cast members in order to help raise money for the company's foundation. He was doing okay, selling a few, but he still had some in his hand that he wanted to get rid of so he could enjoy the party. As he looked around for someone else to ask about a rose, a hand clamped down on his arm and he spun to see a bright-eyed Britney. "Hey, what?"

"He's over there," she hissed at him. "Introduce me, please oh please, J, you'll be the best person ever if you just introduce me to him." Justin looked where he was pointing and saw JC talking to a shorter blond-haired man. "Please?"

Justin sighed. "Come on." He grabbed her hand and slowly made his way to the lithe dancer and cleared his throat. JC stopped in his conversation and turned to Justin. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but my best friend from home really wanted to meet you."

JC turned to the girl next to Justin and smiled a charming smile and held out his hand, "Joshua Chasez and you are?"

"Britney," she practically whispered and went to shake his head, blinking when he lifted her hand to his lips instead. "You were really amazing up there."

"Well, thank you," JC continued smiling at her. "Are you a dancer as well?"

"Oh no," she shook her head, "but I've always followed Justin's dance career. I'm so proud of him." Justin groaned next to her and noticed that the man JC had been talking to was snickering. "He's really good too."

JC let go of her hand and faced Justin, his eyes sparkling, "Yes. Yes he is." He excused himself and grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing tray before leaving to continue his talk with his friend.

By the time it was time to go, they had all gotten a little more than tipsy, just shy from being completely drunk and wasted. Trying not to be noticed since they were both underage, Justin and Jordan led Britney back to their bedroom, making sure to bypass anyone that could get them in trouble, and couldn't stop giggling and talking about the people they had seen at the party.

"Do you know who was gorgeous?" Britney gushed out. She didn't wait for them to answer, "Joshua Chasez." She sighed and then sat up from where she had fallen over Justin's bed. "Justin, you would be so good with him!"

"What?" he managed to get out as he wrestled his way out of the suit he was wearing.

"Oh my God, yeah," Jordan agreed. "I always joked around about it but seriously, the two of you would be hot together."

"Guys, you're drunk."

"So are you," Britney accused. "Admit it, come on, just a little bit. You like him."

"Please," Justin scoffed.

"You do," she sang out. She turned to Jordan and grinned evilly. "Unless you tell me the truth, I'll kiss Jordan."

Jordan's eyes widened, "Admit it admit it! That's some massive girl tongue that I don't ever want in my mouth!"

"But I don't like him," Justin insisted.

"I'm going for it," she threatened, and she pounced on Jordan before he could run. "Okay," she sang out again and her lips were inches away from Jordan's.

"Fine, he's hot," Justin said. "Big news there. Of course I like him, but not in that sexual way. Creeps."

"I'll take it!" Jordan announced. "But you are in serious denial, brother."




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