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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

Life's Driving Strength

by Mary, written for Lydia

"To dance is to know one's self alone and to celebrate it."

Sherman Paul

"Well, you look relaxed," Louis commented when he walked into the apartment later on the day. Justin had been gone for at least two hours and JC had managed to clean, finishing up just as his roommate walked in. "Why so relaxed, baby?"
"No reason," but a hint of a smile played on his lips. "You going to the center any time today?"

"Nah, not today." Louis paused then turned slowly from the counter where he had started making a sandwich. He eyed JC critically, narrowing his eyes. "You got laid."

"What?" JC laughed.

"I see it. You had sex last night! With who? Give me details!"

"Louis, you're crazy." He walked to the counter and grabbed one of the pretzels that Louis had poured onto his plate. "Why would you think I got laid?"

"Hmm," he thought. "You're completely relaxed, your eyes are sparkling, your hair's still messed up, the apartment is spotless, you keep grinning, and did I mention that you have a great big hickey on your neck?" He laughed when JC's hands flew up to cover his neck. "I'm kidding. But you thought it was true, so who was it?"

"I hate you," JC bit out, but he grinned to soothe the words. He winked at Louis, "I'm not telling, but he's good."

"Well, well, look at what the cat dragged in this morning." Justin groaned when he opened his bedroom door, seeing Jordan sitting on the bed, waiting for him. "And was your night as great as it would seem? Did you fuck him?"

"You're so crass, Jordan, I swear." But Justin smiled as he started taking off his clothes from the night before, tossing them onto the floor and grabbing his towel. "It's none of your business."

"Oh, come on J, it's me. You have to tell me!" He paused and whistled when Justin dropped his pants and quickly wrapped the towel around his waist. "Please? I just saw your ass, tell me if Chasez got some of it."

Justin laughed as he walked out of the room, "I wasn't the one doing the fucking; how's that?" Jordan whooped.

JC felt lighter as he walked down the hall of offices, whistling softly. When he opened the door to his office, he saw a note on the door in Kevin's writing; it was a note reminding him that he needed to hand in a list of dancers he wanted for the final workshop showcase.

He already knew.

Justin felt like he was gliding across the floor during class. His body felt like it was flying even higher than normal and he seemed to be doing everything effortlessly. When Elena complimented him at the end of class, he just grinned, said his thanks, and wondered if he would see JC.




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