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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

Life's Driving Strength

by Mary, written for Lydia

"Ballet is a way of expression that comes more
closely to the inner language of man than any other."

George Borodin

Justin was awed by the beauty of the Philadelphia Ballet's performance of Romeo and Juliet. He forgot about his fight with JC and the awkwardness that filled JC's car on the drive down. He even chose to forget about the silence that reigned over the dinner they had together before the show. For the moment, he was content to allow himself to get caught up in the romantic tragedy of a classic and told to him through music and dance.
JC's focus went from the stage to Justin and back to the stage at different intervals until he shook his head, cleared his mind, and focused solely on the stage. He knew the dancer playing Romeo, had met him on a few occasions and a small smile came to his face and he swore he would get backstage somehow to catch up with him. Lost in his thoughts, he jumped when Justin's warm hand slid into his on the armrest between them. Justin laced their fingers together and JC turned his head to stare at him, but Justin continued watching the show, the light squeezing of his fingers on JC's being the only indication that he had seen JC look at him.

Intermission came quickly and the two boys stared ahead at the curtained stage as people around them stood to walk to the bathroom. They stayed where they were, thankful for the center mezzanine seats that allowed them not to be bothered with people saying "Excuse me" and "Can I get through?"

"I'm sorry," Justin finally said after five minutes of staring down at the stage. He faced JC, scared smile on his lips and hope in his eyes. "I wish I could say more, but I'm sorry." He dropped his gaze when JC didn't say anything and jerked when JC brought their joined hands to his mouth and kissed Justin's knuckles.

"We'll talk later." The lights dimmed and the once again, lost themselves in the story.



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