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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

penguinsitting for dummies

by roz, bonus story

“Once upon a time, in a far, far away land, there lived a young prince named Mavis. His daddies, King J and King C, ruled all of the kingdom of Chicopia with a caring mind and a gentle heart. Mavis loved his daddies, but a part of him still yearned for a mommy all his own, just like the one in his dreams. And…”

“Justin. Please tell me you are not telling Mavis a bedtime story.”

“Shh! It’s putting him to sleep, isn’t it?”

“Justin. In case you have forgotten, which you obviously have, Mavis is a penguin. He doesn’t need a bedtime story. He needs puréed krill and a makeshift nest.”

“Not this little penguin. Isn’t that right Mavis? Yes, you’re a good little boy, yes you are!” Justin cooed and cuddled the furry bundle of baby penguin, who let out a tiny screech in protest.

JC laughed. “J, put Mavis to bed and leave the poor guy alone.”

“Hmph!” Justin said indignantly as he stood up and headed towards the nest he had created for the young penguin. Mavis immediately snuggled in and went to sleep.

Justin walked over to JC, who was shivering slightly from the cooler temperature in the room, and wrapped his arms around him.

“Love you, Jace,” he said as he placed a soft kiss on his lover’s lips.

“Love you too, Justin. Goodnight Mavis.”


The story of how Justin and JC met was different, to say the least. Different in the kind of way that made Justin’s mother, Lynn, want to share it with anyone willing to listen whenever she attended any gay pride events with her son.

“Justin works at the Lincoln Park Zoo,” she would say. “And JC was a Mountie up in Canada. JC’s parents live by us in Chicago, and one day he came down to visit. You see, at the time, JC was in a relationship with a Canadian fellow named . . . oh, shoot I always forget what his name was . . . but anyway, he and what’s-his-name were on the brink of breaking up, and JC had returned to Chicago to do some soul searching, because that’s where he grew up.

“Well one day he walked right into the Zoo, where Justin works in the Regenstein African Journey and the Kolver Penguin and Seabird House. Justin was tending to the penguins, who were expecting at the time, and when he looked up and saw JC watching him, their eyes connected and it was love at first sight.”

What JC will tell you that Lynn will not, is that he was checking out Justin’s ass as he kneeled by the nests, and that he knew right away (as soon as their eyes met) that his time spent in Canada was over. He had no real connection to Canada. He had followed his boyfriend, Claude, there in the first place. Claude had got him the job as a Mountie, seeing as he was a high ranking official himself. Justin loved to say that he was dating an ex-Mountie (“I just love a man in uniform,” he whispered huskily in JC’s ear on their first date, making JC shiver), but, as JC pointed out, he was only a part of the architectural committee – he didn’t have a red coat and a brown hat and he didn’t ride a horse.

But that is how JC ended up in Justin’s apartment. Well, first JC had to continue to visit Justin at the zoo every day for a week before gathering the courage to ask him on a date. And then there was the requisite period of courtship before JC decided that really, living in his parents’ house was not the ideal situation when he had a hot boyfriend to please. So that is how JC ended up in Justin’s apartment.

Then, the baby penguins were born, and an outbreak of some mysterious disease swept through the Kolver exhibit, killing baby Mavis’ mother and father. None of the other penguins seemed to want to adopt Mavis. In fact, they seemed to have rejected him. So poor Mavis started following Justin around, crying whenever he’d leave the enclosure.

And that is how Mavis ended up in Justin and JC’s apartment. Only temporarily, of course. Until they could figure out what to do with him. The sooner the better, JC thought. Not because he didn’t like Mavis. He just didn’t like sharing Justin with Mavis.

JC was very happy when he found out that baby penguins take naps, too. And he convinced Justin to buy a pair of baby monitors so that he could hear when Mavis got up instead of watching over him like a . . . well . . . mother penguin.

He pulled Justin towards the couch and kissed him hungrily as soon as he had emerged from tucking Mavis in.

“Been . . . wanting . . . to . . . do . . . this . . . all . . . day,” he said breathlessly between kisses. Kisses that Justin was eagerly responding to.

“Oh,” Justin moaned. “Jace. Love you.” He groaned as his boyfriend worked his way down his neck, biting his collarbone through his shirt. He melted into JC’s touch, pulling him back up by the curls so that his tongue could eagerly seek out JC’s.

Ten minutes later, JC had Justin’s shirt at his armpits and both of their pants’ unzipped. They both moaned when JC ground down and thrust his erection against Justin’s.

And then a shrill cry filled the room.

JC pulled his lips away from Justin’s and rested his face in the crook of Justin’s neck. “You have got to be kidding me.”

Another cry.

“No, no, no.”

“Jace, I gotta get up, babe.”

“No, no, no.”

Another cry.

“Justin, make it stop.”

“I can’t unless you get off of me, sweetheart.”

“Fine!” JC pushed himself off of Justin and stormed angrily from the room. Justin winced when he heard their bedroom door slam shut.


That night at dinner, JC was still a bit huffy, but at least he was talking to Justin.

“We got an invitation to Chris’ Halloween party,” he said as he helped Justin set the table. Chris was an old friend of Justin’s. Despite their ten year age difference, they met in school. Chris was a self-titled “professional student.”

“Cool. What’s the theme this year?”

“No theme this year. It just says that ‘Couples must come coordinated.’”

“Any ideas?” Justin asked.

“Not yet. Why, you got something in mind?”

Justin grinned devilishly. “Yes.”

Recognition dawned on JC’s face. “Oh no. No way.”

Justin’s grin turned to his signature pout. “Please, C? I’ll make it worthwhile.” This last part he said in that sensual tone that he knew JC couldn’t help but give in to.

JC gave in all too easily, “Fine.”

“Really? There’s no catch?”

This time it was JC’s turn to grin. “We’ll dress up as Mounties this year, no problem.” JC could tell from the look on Justin’s face that he was terrified of what JC might have up his sleeve.

He should be.


“Any luck with Mavis?” JC asked a few days later when Justin returned home from work, Mavis happily perched in his backpack.

“Nope. He followed me into Shakira’s cage today, though. I thought she was gonna crush him for sure, but she just sniffed him and licked him instead.” Justin answered, referring to one of the zoo’s elephants.

“Oh, Mavis. Mavis, Mavis, Mavis! What are we gonna do with you?” JC sighed as he lifted the tiny penguin out of Justin’s bag.

“In other news, my mom came to visit on my lunch break. She said she can make the Mountie costumes for us. She bought two red coats and some fancy looking buttons and pins and stuff and I told her that we’ve got the pants covered.”

“Did you offer to pay her for the jackets?”

“Yes, mom,” Justin teased. “She absolutely refused, as always.”

“You’re such a good boy, isn’t Daddy such a good boy, Mavis?” JC cooed.

“Do I get a kiss for being such a good boy?”

JC rolled his eyes but closed the distance between himself and Justin anyways. He leaned in for a light peck on the lips, but Justin grabbed the back of his head and deepened it as soon as their lips touched.

Mavis squawked an objection from his squished position between the two men.

“Whoops. Did we crush you there, buddy?”

“Want me to feed him before we get our dinner started?”

“Sure, I’m just gonna hop in the shower. Let me know if you need anything,” Justin said as he headed towards their bedroom.

JC suppressed the mental image of Justin in the shower, water cascading over his freckled shoulders and down his back. As long as they had Mavis as a houseguest, there was no way joining his boyfriend would be an option. JC sighed and went towards the fridge, plugging his nose as he reached for the tub of krill.

“We’ve got to find you a mommy, Mavis,” he said.

Mavis sighed, making a soft, sad sound in agreement.


“Good morning, Shakira,” Justin said cheerily to the elephant as he entered her “territory” a few days later. Seeming uninterested in whatever had him in such a good mood, Shakira merely raised her trunk in acknowledgement.

Justin headed towards her feeding trough, and frowned when he saw that it was still half full.

“Why haven’t you been eating again, Sweetheart?” He sighed and walked to her. He rubbed her trunk gently. “You’ve gotta eat, Darling. You’ve got to keep that girlish figure if you want to impress Victor next time you’re ready to mate.”

Shakira batted her eyelashes at Justin.

“Oh, I’ve seen the way he looks at you when he thinks no one’s watching. That boy is all over you.”

The elephant turned around and resituated herself with her back to Justin.

Justin sighed. Between Mavis’ moping, Shakira’s depression, and JC’s pouting, things were just not going well for him lately. Luckily he had the chance to please at least one of them – the most important person in his life (besides his momma) – JC. He had convinced his mother that watching a penguin was no different from watching an infant and she had agreed to watch Mavis for the night – the night! – so that he and JC could go to Chris’ party (and spend the night there if necessary). Justin didn’t know what excited him more – the prospect of getting JC into Mountie attire or out of it.

He was shaken out of his reverie when he heard a distinctive little cry. His head swung in the direction of the noise. “Mavis?!”

Mavis was headed over towards the male elephants in the opposite corner of the enclosure. And one of the elephants in particular, Victor, was not ready to welcome the penguin into his home. He stood alert and ready to charge, towering over Mavis, who was oblivious to the sudden threat.

Justin froze. What was he supposed to do when faced with a charging elephant? He knew that someone must have told him the answer somewhere along the way, but of course any and all advice he’d ever received had flown straight from his head, and he stood, frozen, as a small crowd gathered outside the enclosure. Justin put his back to the rock wall nearby and began inching towards Mavis when a he saw something move out of the corner of his eye.


Shakira had gotten up and was slowly approaching the stand-off.

“Shakira! Shakira! No!” Justin called, but the elephant ignored him. She kept on walking past Mavis until she stood face to face with Victor.

Then she smacked down his truck, which had been poised to attack. Obviously just as surprised as Justin, he let it fall loosely in front of him.

She turned around and faced Mavis, and Justin panicked, visions of the little penguin flying through the air filling his head. He raced forward, ready to take the blow himself if he had to, but it was too late.

Shakira wrapped Mavis up in her trunk.

And lifted him onto her head.


Justin stood, frozen in place, shaken out of his shock by the sound of clapping. The crowd was applauding. And Justin could only think, what the HELL just happened?


News of Shakira’s rescue spread quickly. By noon, a news crew had set itself up in front of the elephant enclosure as they prepared to interview Justin.

“Just one moment, please, I need to make a phone call.” He fished his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed the number for his apartment.

“Hey, baby.” As if things couldn’t get any more bizarre, JC was actually home for lunch – something he rarely did.

“Babe? I can’t talk long so just listen, okay?”

“What? Are you okay?” In retrospect, that probably wasn’t the best way to word things.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. Just listen. I need you to turn on the TV to channel 6 and pop a tape in the VCR. Quick. Okay?”

“What? Channel 6? I . . . okay. But . . .”

“Thanks, babe. Love ya, bye.”

Once it registered in his head that Justin was no longer on the line, JC sprang into action. Thoughts of “Hostage Situation at the Lincoln Park Zoo” or “Lions Stampede Sexy Young Zookeeper” flashed through his mind as he popped a blank tape in the VCR and turned on the television.

“. . . ‘re here live at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, where an unlikely hero saved the life of a young penguin just hours ago.”

Mavis? JC didn’t have to ask. He already knew.

The screen panned out to the elephant enclosure, where a crowd of elephants surrounded the watering hole, and one solitary figure stood off to the side. A voiceover began to speak. “The Regenstein African Journey in Chicago’s Lincoln Park was the scene of what could have been a potentially fatal accident this morning. Caretaker Justin Timberlake was attending to the elephants when he heard a startling noise.”

The view changed back to outside the enclosure, and Justin’s face filled the screen. “I turned around slowly, and imagine my shock when I see a helpless baby penguin having a stand-off with one of the male elephants.”

The voiceover returned. “That’s right. A baby penguin that Timberlake has been caring for over the past couple of weeks had somehow escaped from his leash and was heading towards almost certain disaster. That is, until an unlikely hero, or should I say heroine, came along.”

“All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw Shakira heading towards them,” Justin said.

“And what went through your mind when you saw her?” The reporter asked.

“I had visions of Mavis being the first penguin to fly,” Justin said with a laugh.

“Shakira, one of the exhibit’s female elephants, managed to fight off the aggressive male,” the voiceover explained. “She then took Mavis under her own motherly ‘wing.’ As Timberlake tells us, the two have been inseparable since.”

Justin’s face again returned to the screen. He looked right into the camera and said, “I think we’ve finally found a new mommy for Mavis.”

“I’d say you’re right,” the reporter said. “Reporting live from Lincoln Park, I’m Tina Davis. Back to you, Joe.”

The screen then switched back to the studio, and the news continued on, but JC just sat, dumbstruck, staring blankly ahead.

And he could only think, what the HELL just happened?


Needless to say, when Justin arrived home that evening, JC was anxiously waiting for him. And not only because he wanted to greet the celebrity (and Mavis). That afternoon he had picked up their Mountie costumes from Lynn, and he couldn’t wait to get Justin into his costume.

JC got up when he heard a key twist in the lock, and he was met with a beaming Justin at the front door.

“Hey there, superstar,” he said, pulling Justin in for a hug and a kiss.

“Oh, no. I’m never going to hear the end of this, am I?”

“If you do from me, it’s only because I’m letting your mom have a chance. I think my favorite part was when you called Mavis helpless. Helpless, J? Are we talking about the same penguin here? Because the Mavis I know almost chewed up my lucky underwear to make himself some bedding, tried to go diving down the garbage disposal, and interrupted our very important alone time just so he could be picked up and cuddled. That penguin is far from helpless.”

Justin grinned and rolled his eyes. “What? The news crew told me to dramatize the story as much as possible!” He set his backpack down on the table and emptied it of his water bottle and snacks.

“Uh, babe?”

“Yeah?” Justin called from the kitchen.

“Where is Mavis?”

“Oh! In all of your excitement I forgot to tell you the good news! The zoo thinks it’d be great for publicity and stuff if we kept him and Shakira together. Not like I could’ve convinced him otherwise. He started crying when I tried to get him to come home with me.”

JC paused. “You mean we no longer have a baby penguin to watch over?”


“And there’s no chance that he’s coming back?”

“Pretty slim, why?”

“Just a sec. I have two things I need to do.” JC danced over to the refrigerator, grabbed the tub of krill, chucked it in the trash, and took the trash out of the apartment.

Justin chuckled. “What’s the second thing you have to do?”

JC looked over at Justin with an almost predatory grin. You.


When JC came out of the bedroom in his costume, Justin squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, drawing an amused grin from his boyfriend. JC looked . . . well . . . hot. Sure, their red jackets were a little bit tacky, and the hats reminded him of Smokey Bear, but below the belt was what had Justin squirming. It was the pants. It was the way the leather clung perfectly to his body – especially his ass – that made Justin want to skip Chris’ party altogether so he could get into those pants.

“How do I look?” JC asked when Justin stood in front of him.

“You know damn well how you look,” Justin growled, nipping at the outer shell of his ear.

“Babe. Not now. We’ve got a party to go to. Although . . .” He leaned in close to his boyfriend. “You look like you’re ready to ride.” He kissed him deeply. “I know where you could get yourself a nice ride.”

Justin moaned. “Jace. You just said we don’t have time for this!”

“I was just complimenting you on your outfit,” JC said innocently.

“C’mon. Let’s just go,” Justin said shakily. JC led the way out of the apartment and Justin adjusted himself uncomfortably as he followed him out the door. He had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

Luckily the drive to Chris’ place was uneventful. And as soon as they arrived, Chris, who was wearing what appeared to be a Snow White costume (Justin didn’t want to know what his “significant other” of the night was wearing), announced to the crowd, “Oh my gosh; it’s that guy from TV!” Justin rolled his eyes.

“Happy Halloween to you too, Chris. Are Joey and Lance here?”

“Joey and my Prince Charming are handing candy out to the kiddies on the front porch. Did you not see them on your way in?”

So that explained both who Chris’ date was for the night and what he was dressed as.

“Chris, it’s hard to see past all of the decorations you put up. I’m surprised we even found the door to begin with,” JC laughed.

“Yeah, well, can’t expect much from you two honorary Canadians, eh?”

“Oh, Chris, that was so below the belt,” Justin laughed.

“Yeah, man, that was like, right here,” JC said, reaching out and cupping Justin through his pants, eliciting a yelp of surprise from the younger man.

“Woah! My virgin eyes! Gah!” Chris cried, shielding his eyes and backing away from the couple. Justin turned to JC, flushed.

“What was that for?”

“Emphasis. Though, I’d say you enjoyed it from what I see,” JC said in a low tone, eyeing the front of Justin’s pants.

“What are you trying to pull?” Justin asked through gritted teeth. He usually enjoyed it when JC was feeling frisky, but then again, that usually occurred in the comfort of their own home, particularly their bedroom, not at a crowded party.

“Nothing,” JC said innocently.

Justin eyed him warily, but JC just smiled back at him. “Shall we dance?”

Justin had a bad feeling about this, but he nodded his head and let JC lead him to the dance floor, which he thought might have been Chris’ dining room at one point, if the hardwood floors and curio cabinets (filled with speakers, not fine china) were any indication.

JC pulled Justin’s body close to his and slipped a hard thigh between his legs as a new song started up. Before long he was grinding against Justin obscenely, oblivious to the catcalls he was receiving from Chris, Joey, and Lance. Justin, who was working hard to keep the tortured look off of his face and his obvious arousal hidden from view, tried to take control and slow things down, but JC was having none of it. He turned Justin around and rubbed his crotch against Justin’s ass, letting the younger man feel his erection.

“You look so hot tonight baby. I want you so bad,” he whispered, nipping at the back of Justin’s neck, and it was all Justin could do to remain in an upright position.

“Jace,” he moaned quietly. “You’re killing me.”

“Good.” JC chuckled in Justin’s ear, and Justin shivered, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. He spun Justin back around and ground against him. Both men bit their lips at the feel of their arousals rubbing against each other.

“Babe, stop,” Justin gasped, and JC could tell by the way he said it that Justin was seriously going to embarrass himself if he didn’t stop soon. So he slowed things down a bit, but not nearly enough. Instead, he maneuvered their bodies to the edge of the dance floor and down the hall away from the crowd of bodies packed in Chris’ house. JC led him down the hallway towards Chris’ guest room, ignoring Chris as he said, “Condoms and lube in the nightstand drawer. Enjoy, lover boys!”

Justin couldn’t believe they were doing this. He’d never seen JC like this before. As soon as the door closed and locked behind them, JC was on Justin, dragging him to the bed while stripping him of his hat, boots, and jacket.

“Jace,” Justin gasped. “Can’t this wait until we’re – Oh, God,” JC unbuttoned his shirt and bit down on his nipple, “until we’re home?”

“No,” JC nearly growled as he pulled on Justin’s pants before starting on his own clothing. “Want you now.” He looked up at Justin and saw confusion and uncertainty, maybe even some anxiety, clouded behind the obvious lust and arousal. He slowed down and pecked Justin on the lips. “Don’t worry, babe. We’ll head home soon. I won’t make you scream – here.”

And then he was on top of Justin, grinding their erections together between them. Justin moaned loudly as he finally got some friction on the one place he needed it the most. JC kissed him deeply and their tongues battled one another for control until JC pulled away to lick and nip his way down Justin’s neck.

Justin moaned again when JC’s hand slid between their bodies and closed around them. He moaned even louder when JC’s other hand found his where it was gripping the pillow beneath his head and brought it down to join his hand between them.

For a few moments, nothing was heard but the occasional gasp, and the sound of two sweaty bodies grinding together in a frantic rhythm.

Suddenly, Justin’s face flushed. “Jace. Soon,” he said.

JC sped up the rhythm and alternated between firm strokes and quick swipes across the damp head of Justin’s cock, encouraging Justin to do the same.

Only seconds later Justin gasped out one final time, arched his back, and spread warm, sticky wetness between them. JC thrust down two more times before joining Justin in the throes of orgasm. He then collapsed on top of Justin and the two men lay there in silence, each trying to catch their breath.

A few moments passed before Justin reached over towards the nightstand and retrieved some tissues to clean up the mess between them. JC sat up slowly and kissed Justin deeply. When he pulled away he said, “I love you, Justin.”

Justin smiled, “I love you too, Jace.”

JC grinned seductively. “How about we get dressed, head on out, and make love all night long? How does that sound?”

Justin didn’t answer. Instead, he pushed JC off of him and scrambled around the room gathering up his clothing and practically jumping back into it. JC followed suit and the two men quickly made their way out of the room and towards Chris to say goodbye (that is, after they endured the requisite teasing about loud noises and walls shaking, which JC resisted pointing out was due to Chris’ sound system).

Once they reached their car, Justin collapsed into the passenger seat. They drove back to their apartment in silence, until JC spoke up.

“You know, as much as I’m going to miss Mavis, there’s one thing I certainly am glad to have back.”

“What’s that?” Justin asked.

“You,” JC said simply. “You’re all mine now.”

Justin shook his head before leaning over to peck JC on the cheek. He rested his head on JC’s shoulder as they drove the rest of the way home, and Justin couldn’t help but grin at the idea that he had an elephant to thank.


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