nsync in black and white

Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.


by michelle x, written for ariadne

Well I wanna make love to you tonight
I can't wait till the morning has come
And I know that the time is just right
A straight into my arms you will run
And when you come my heart will be waiting
To make sure that you're never alone
There and then all my dreams will come true dear,
There and then I will make you my own.

He watched from the shadows as his intended prey got out of his car and crossed the street, pressing his remote and locking his doors as he walked. He had been watching for a long time now; years. His prey had been nothing but a child when he had first seen him. He had seen him by accident, catching sight of the child sleeping in the front of his mother’s car but he was captivated by the child’s beauty; the soft pouty lips and the sweet tight curls. He had watched the child sleeping while his mother filled up her tank and then went inside to pay for the gas she had pumped. As she drove away he knew he had to follow. He had to know where the child was going. The child called to him, filling his senses and pushing aside all that was decent and making him feel like even more of a monster than he already was. He followed them. He felt compelled to. The child was something special he knew that. The child was his future but the laws dictated that a child of his age could not be taken. That meant he had to wait and wait he did. He watched the child year in and year out. Watching him grow from toddler to boy and then boy to man. The man was as beautiful as the child. The hair that once was thick and curly was now much shorter but he still oozed with the same appeal that he had when he was a small boy. He watched as his prey attempted to open the door that led to his apartment, dropping his keys and giggling as he bent to pick them up again. It took him two attempts to get the key in the lock but then the door opened and he disappeared from view. The watcher stepped out of the shadows and made his way down the sidewalk. Tonight was the night he made the once child his for the first of many times. He wasn’t ready to take him completely, not yet. The child now grown had to be the one that came to him, begging to be a part of his world before he would give him the gift of eternal life. He crossed the street as the lights in the apartment went on and then with the skill and deftness of a thief he picked the lock and let himself in.

Justin tripped over his rug as he stepped into his apartment and had to brace himself against the wall to stop from falling ass over head onto the floor. He sniggered at his clumsiness and dropped his keys into a small black dish that sat on a dark wood grained occasional table. He kicked off his shoes he padded down the short hallway to his living room and flopped down on to his couch, flicking on the TV at the same time. He felt weirdly drunk even though he hadn’t taken a drink all night. In fact there was nothing weird about it, he was drunk. As the realisation hit him he sat up straight and wracked his blurry memory trying to work out what had gone down. He and Lance had left work at 6 like they always did on a Thursday night and like always they had gone to Barnaby’s for a light dinner and a catch up of what had happened in the past week. He had ordered a chicken club sandwich, fries and a glass of coke, just like he always did. Lance had told him about this incredibly hot guy that he had seen hanging around lately and had promised to point him out next time and had then preceded to tell him that even though he was the hottest thing he had seen in a long time he was willing to give him away because he already had the man of his dreams. Justin remembered laughing at the thought that Joey Fatone could be considered the man of anyone’s dreams and then finished his coke, put on his jacket and told Lance that he would see him at work the next day. He left Barnaby’s and drove home feeling perfectly fine. It was only when he got out of his car and crossed the street to his apartment block that he was suddenly overcome with intoxication. He couldn’t explain it. His drink had been right there in front of him all night, not once had it been out of his sight. He lay down, spreading his full length over his couch and closed his eyes. “At least I wasn’t pulled over,” was his last thankful thought as he drifted off to sleep.


“What happened to you last night?” Lance asked as he looked up from pouring his coffee as Justin walked bleary-eyed in to the office. “I thought you were going straight home?”

Justin dropped his briefcase next to his desk and headed towards the coffee that was brewing on the side of the room. “I did go home?” he grunted. “I think some fucker must have spiked my drink because I was fucked by the time I got home. I don’t even remember going to bed. The last thing I remember is putting on the television and sitting on the couch.”

“Well sleeping on the couch that explains why you look so rough this morning,” Lance joked. He ran his fingers though his lightly spiked mousey hair as he rounded his desk and sat down. He leaned back on his chair with a slightly bemused look on his face.

“That’s just it,” Justin said sliding into his chair at the opposite desk. “I woke up naked and in bed.”

Lance raised a well shaped eyebrow. “Did you take someone home?” he asked his interest piqued. He leaned forward his green eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Justin snorted. “No I didn’t,” he grunted. “You know I don’t do that sort of thing.”

Lance sighed and leaned back again chewing the end of his pen. “God you are so boring,” he complained. “I thought that once, just once you would have something juicy to tell me for a change.”

Justin's eyes swept over his desk and the piles of work that had materialised over night. “Yeah well even if there was something to tell I wouldn’t. What happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom otherwise it is a break of trust.” He turned on his monitor and began shuffling through his paper work. The hairs on the back of his neck bristled and he looked up to see Lance staring at him intently. “What?” he demanded.

“I tell you about me and Joe,” Lance said sulkily.

“Yeah but I don’t ask you to!” Justin exclaimed in his defence.

“You don’t have to ask,” Lance said still sulking. “It’s only common courtesy to share sex stories with a friend that isn’t getting any.”

“It’s my choice Lance,” Justin replied exasperated with the conversation.

“That’s him!” Lance suddenly exclaimed as he leaped out of his seat and ran to the windowed partition that separated their small office area from the rest of the workers. He jabbed his finger against the glass three times for effect. “God he is gorgeous,” he sighed.

Justin rolled his eyes and got up to see who his work partner and best friend was talking about. “Fuck!” Justin breathed and watched open mouthed as a tall slim man dressed in a black Armani suit shook hands with his boss. The man laughed and his eyes crinkled at the corners. He ran his fingers through his collar length golden brown curls and stared deep into the eyes of the man he was talking to. Justin couldn’t take his eyes off of him. Cold steel blue eyes suddenly focused on him and he stood rooted to the spot unable to move from the gorgeous man’s stare. It was only when he looked away again that Justin found the strength to move. He dropped back down in his office chair and breathed deeply.

“Told you didn’t I?” Lance smirked as Justin lifted his ass up just enough so that he could see over the window ledge. The man in the black Armani suit had gone and Justin dropped back down disappointed. “Now that would be a story worth telling,” Lance murmured as he swung his chair from side to side and chewed on the end of his pen again.

Justin discreetly stretched his neck to see if the gorgeous man had come back but he hadn’t. “Just get on with your work you pervert,” he grunted and buried his blushing face behind his monitor. He kept one eye on the window for the rest of the afternoon and when Lance gathered up an armful of files and announced that he was taking them through to Chris, Justin jumped at the chance almost snatching them off of him in his haste to volunteer to take them through for him. Lance ever willing to let someone else do his work and really not wanting to go into an office alone with their surly looking new boss handed them over with pleasure and sank back into his chair and busied himself with checking his personal email.

Chris was on the phone when Justin knocked on his door and let himself in. He stood shifting nervously from foot to foot as he watched the stocky dark haired man talking. Chris still made Justin slightly nervous even though he had been his boss for nearly twelve months now. Whether it was the dark tattoos that ran down the length of his arms or the dark intense glare that he almost always had in his eyes Justin didn’t know. He was just a strange man that always had the blinds to his office pulled down and never joined the rest of the team on social nights out. Chris hung up and glared at the young jittery man in front of his desk.

“Yes?” he barked.

“I brought um … Kingston files,” Justin stammered holding out the files in his hand.

“What do you want, a medal?” Chris grunted in reply. “Just put them in the tray and piss off.”

Justin placed the file neatly in the in tray and then turned to leave. He hadn’t taken more than a step when he gathered up his courage and turned back again.

“Chris,” he started and received a dark warning glare in return. He cleared his throat. “I mean Mr. Kirkpatrick can I ask who the gentleman was that you were talking to this morning. It’s just that he looks familiar and.”

The knowing smile that crept over Chris’ face told Justin that he had been caught in his white lie. “You have never seen him before,” Chris said leaning right back in his chair and making it recline. He swung it gently from side to side controlling it with his foot as he scrutinised the man before him. “What’s your name?” he asked.

Justin swallowed. “Timberlake sir, Justin.”

“Well Timberlake. I will tell you who he is cus I like you. You are the first fucker here to show any balls when it comes to dealing with me. Even if it was only to try to get laid.” Justin started to protest and was silenced with a sharp knowing look. “Don’t deny it,” Chris said grinning. “I can recognise a fag at a thousand paces.”

The hairs on the back of Justin's neck bristled. “Who the fuck do you think you are calling me a fag?” he spat angrily. “You know fuck all about me. That’s … that’s discrimination,” Justin yelled as he struggled for the word he wanted.

Chris sat up straight. “How can it be discrimination calling you a fag if I’m one myself. Shut the door and sit the fuck down.”

Shocked by his new boss’s revelation Justin found himself doing as he was told. Chris pushed himself back in his seat again. “You wanted to know who my guest was,” he said ignoring the angry but confused look on Justin's face. “His name is Joshua Chasez; I met him in New Orleans a couple of years back. He changed my life so to speak. He is on a recruiting drive. Do you want me to point him in your direction?”

“Recruiting for what?” Justin asked curiously.

Chris grinned evilly. “Just recruiting,” he answered not giving anything away. “He has an eye for a pretty face. I’m sure he will like you.”

Justin stood up and nervously edged away. “Can I think about it?” he asked with a slight tremble in his voice. There was something strange about the whole thing. The way that Chris was grinning at him and the way he said that Mr. Chasez was recruiting made him extremely nervous.

“Don’t think about it too long Timberlake,” Chris answered still grinning. “Joshua doesn’t like to hang around one place for too long.” Chris reached over and picked up the file that Justin had deposited in his in-tray and opened it. “Tell Bass to get his ass in here,” he growled reading the file. He looked up. “Now Timberlake,” he snarled and Justin beat a hasty retreat. The moment his door closed Chris picked up the phone. “You know that punk that you are interested in?” he muttered into the receiver. “He’s hooked.” Chris hung up and went over to his blind covered window. Standing well out of the way he pulled the blind back a little and looked out into the LA sunshine. There was a tap at his door and he let the blind fall back into place. “Come in,” he shouted and then sat back down in his chair, his fingers still smoking from where the sun had caught them.


Justin's head was pounding by the time that he got home. All he could think about was what Chris had said. ‘Joshua was recruiting.’ He pressed the heel of his hand hard to the space between his eyes and willed the headache to go. When it didn’t he settled for a bath instead. He sunk into the hot water with a pleasured sigh, sinking slowly beneath the foam until he was completely submersed and then pushed himself up again as he wiped the water from his eyes. He leaned back with his eyes closed and let himself relax.

The scent of vanilla surrounded him and he exhaled with pleasure and pushed up into the hips that were grinding against his. He let his head roll back and hissed as a sharp pain registered in his neck. Hands traversed his body, flowing like silk over his long limbs. He groaned as a hand cupped his balls and squeezed and pressed until he felt himself panting with his need to release. He wanted to open his eyes and see who it was that was sending him spinning into ecstasy but they remained closed. A tongue licked up the side of his neck and again there was a sharp pain but this time it was offset by the fierce burn in his ass as he was brutally penetrated. He wrapped his legs around his lover and moved in unison with him moaning softly to start and then getting louder and louder until he came with an ecstatic scream.

Justin cried out and sat up abruptly not knowing where he was. It took a full minute for it to register that he was in his own bed. His breath became rapid and ragged with panic. He had been in the bath; he was sure he had been in the bath and yet here he was once again naked and in his bed. He glanced at the clock next to his bed it was 7am. How the hell could it be 7am? He rolled out of bed and hissed at the ache in his ass. He stumbled over to the dresser and looked into the mirror. “Are you loosing your mind Timberlake?” he mumbled to himself. “You must be.”


The weekend passed in a blur of confusion and lost hours and he was still bleary eyed when he arrived at the office on Monday morning. Sunday night, had been the fourth that he couldn’t account for completely.

Lance smirked openly at him. “Someone looks like he had a good night again.”

Justin just gave his friend the finger and collapsed into his seat. “I feel like shit?” he groaned. “I feel like I could sleep for a week.”

“But was he worth it?” Lance asked his eyes sparkling with curiosity.

“Was who worth what?” Justin answered grumpily.

“The hunk of love that gave you that enormous hicky of course.” Lance elaborated as he rolled his eyes.

“What fucking hicky?” Justin gasped jumping back out of his chair and running over to the windowed partition and strained to see his reflection in the glass. In the dull reflection he could just make out the dark bruise against the paleness of his skin. “Lance,” he breathed hardly daring to say the words out loud. “I don’t know how I got this.”

Lance grunted. “Look if you don’t want to share your sexcapades with me that is all fair and good but at least have the decency admit you are seeing someone.” He turned his attention back to his monitor.

“Lance I’m not seeing anyone, I swear,” Justin answered trying to convince his friend and work mate that he was telling the truth. The man tapping away at the other keyboard ignored him and Justin slumped back down into his chair, his fingers searching out the slightly raised mound on the side of his neck. It was going to be another long day.

Lance was still not talking to Justin as the clock hit one. He just stood up and left leaving Justin in the office alone. Justin heaved a sigh. The job was boring enough without having enforced silence to accompany it.

“Timberlake.” A gruff voice shook Justin out of his day dream and he looked up to see Chris standing just inside the open doorway with his arms folded across and a look on his face that screamed that he had been waiting there for longer than he had cared to.

“Mr. Kirkpatrick,” Justin muttered as he stood up. “How can I help you sir?”

Chris came further into the room, his eyes devouring every detail. “I was looking for Bass he fucked up again. Where is he?”

“He um … lunch,” Justin stammered. Kirkpatrick was almost a foot shorter than he was but intimidation oozed off of him.

“Lunch,” Chris repeated. “Does he always have lunch this early?” he growled.

“It’s after one sir,” Justin pointed out.

Chris seemed to think for a moment and then his sinister smile swept over his lips. “Of course lunch at one. I forgot. What about you Timberlake why aren’t you at lunch?”

“I wanted to finish up this report,” Justin lied. That he and Lance were not talking had nothing to do with his surly boss.

“Did you think over my offer to mention you to Joshua?” Chris asked out of the blue.

“I um,” Justin hadn’t even thought about the handsome man until that moment. “Not yet sir. I’d like to know what he is recruiting for first before I make up my mind.”

Chris’ eyes bored into Justin's face. “It’s not for me to say,” he finally said gruffly. “Tell Bass to get his fucking ass into my office when he gets back.” Chris left as abruptly as he arrived and Justin sat back down shaking.

“You alright?” Lance asked as he came back in nearly 30 minutes later. He placed a coffee and a cream cheese and ham bagel on Justin's desk and then put his own lunch on his desk. “I’m sorry,” he said nodding at the food. “Peace offering.”

“Thanks,” Justin said and gave him a weak smile which Lance returned. “By the way Chris was in here. He is after your ass man. Said you had to go see him after lunch.”

A worried frown swept over Lance’s face and then was wiped away as the optimistic man smiled again. “How bad can it be?” he asked. “I guess he can only fire me once.” Lance sat down at his desk and Justin had to wonder how a person could drink coffee and chew his lip at the same time.


Chris’ office was in darkness when he entered but he didn’t need lights to know who was lurking in the corner. “I told you that I would get him for you,” Chris growled. “You can’t rush him.”

“I’ve waited over twenty years Chris,” the soft voice answered. “I don’t want to wait any longer.”

Chris slunk over to his drinks cabinet and unlocked it. He poured two glasses of thick red liquid from a bottle and held one out to his guest. “Sorry I can’t offer you fresh but at least it’s warm.”

The man stepped out of the shadows and accepted the glass. He sipped at it and gave a growl in the back of his throat. “Kentuckian,” he sighed before drinking deeply.

“How do you do that Joshua?” Chris asked in amusement. “One sip and you can tell one blood from another.”

The beautiful man stepped closer to his servant and caressed down the side of his face before whispering in his ear. “You don’t get to live as long as I have without learning a thing or two along the way.” He passed his empty glass back to Chris. “You should think about getting a blood slave,” he said coldly. “A pretty little boy or girl that you can keep locked in your closet for when you have guests. Most of our kind would take stale blood as an insult.”

“Are you insulted?” Chris asked not really caring one way or another.

Joshua laughed. The sound of his laughter was light and airy not at all like Chris would have expected to come out of such a monster but then the face hid the monster that lurked behind the eyes well. “You try to goad me Christopher. I won’t take back your eternal life. You are cursed as I was once cursed. Why you still insist on trying to live in the sun light I have no idea.”

“That’s just it Joshua, you have been dead too long,” Chris hissed. “You have forgotten what it felt like to have the sun on your face.” Chris filled both of their glasses again and handed one to the monster that had sired him nearly eighteen months previously. Joshua took it and walked over to the window, he lifted one of the blind’s slats and looked out ignoring the fact that his fingers were beginning to steam. “Come away Joshua,” Chris said nervously.

“The sun is so harsh and unforgiving,” Joshua murmured. “Not like the moon which is cold and welcoming. The darkness is your friend Chris,” Joshua said dropping the slat back into place. “Embrace it.”

“What do you want?” Chris asked angrily.

“You know what I want,” Joshua replied icily. “He is weak, one more visit from me and he will be ready. You will bring him to me the night after tomorrow. I will be waiting.”

“And how am I meant to get him to you?” Chris snarled.

“That is your problem Christopher.” Joshua snapped in a dark and dangerous tone. He drained his glass and handed it back. “Next time we meet I want fresh blood.” Before Chris could answer Joshua had gone, disappearing into the shadows.

There was a timid tap at his door and Chris shoved the stained glasses back into his liquor cabinet and locked the door. “What?” he snarled turning around.

From the doorway Lance physically recoiled. “You wanted to see me,” he said in a small voice.

Chris grinned as a plan formulated in his mind. “Yeah I did,” he said making an effort to calm the beast raging inside him. “Come in and shut the door.”


Justin groaned and writhed as he was pressed down. He couldn’t see the man on top of him because his eyes were closed and try as he might he couldn’t open them. He could feel the man’s cock press against his and responded by rotating his own hips in a slow circular thrust. A hot wet tongue lapped eagerly at the pulse on the side of his neck and then there was a second of pain before the soft lips began to suck hard at his skin. Who are you? Justin wanted to ask but all he could do is groan with pleasure as the man over him lifted his leg and pushed deeply inside him. The pain of being penetrated was tremendous but Justin still couldn’t help but respond and thrust back. He grunted and groaned as his orgasm built up inside of him. Each thrust set his brain on fire as sparks exploded behind his eyes and then in a rush of relief he came. The tongue lapped tenderly at his neck and then the weight lifted from his chest. Justin's eyes snapped open and he sat up, looking around his bedroom for his unknown lover. His heart began to race, thumping in his chest as if it was trying to break through. He was alone. The only tell tale sign that anything had even happened was the cum drying on his belly. A shiver ran up Justin's spine and he reached down the bed and dragged his bedclothes over him. His mind whirled. It was a dream; it had to be. But the dream felt so real. He could still feel the weight on top of him; he could still feel the throb in his ass and the dull ache on the side of his neck where lips and teeth had attached. He pulled his blanket up over his head and curled his knees up to his chest as he willed his heart to slow down enough in hope that he would be able to sleep.


Justin dragged himself into his office. He felt ill. After his ‘dream’ he hadn’t been able to rest. Every time he closed his eyes his heart began to race again and he expected to be rolled on to his belly or back and penetrated once more.

“Well you look like shit,” Lance said placing a mug of coffee in front of him.

“Didn’t sleep,” Justin mumbled back. He picked up the offered mug and sipped the strong brew gratefully. “I keep having these weird dreams. Either that or I wake up in a different place to where I went to sleep. Justin reached up and rubbed his neck. It itched mercilessly and had two swollen puncher marks that were surrounded in a massive dark bruise.

“What happen to your neck?” Lance asked in concern.

“I think something bit me, mosquitoes or something. I’ll get a burner at lunch time,” Justin answered. He sighed and dropped down into his chair looking in dismay at the amount of work he had to do. “Why is it every morning my in-tray is overflowing and yet it is empty when I go home?”

Lance looked over at his own overfilled tray. He gave a huge sigh and shrugged. “Beats me,” he said. A couple of minutes of silence passed and then he spoke again. “You doing anything tonight?” he asked.

Justin shrugged. “Sleeping most likely, why?”

“Do you want to come to a party with me?” Justin shook his head. He was just too weak to even consider going out. “Oh please,” Lance wheedled. “Kirkpatrick has said I got to go to this thing with him tonight. He said I fucked up a file and as payback I had to go. He said that I could bring you as well. Please Justin,” Lance begged. “Come with me. Don’t make me spend an entire evening alone with him.”

“Where is it?” Justin sighed and Lance beamed a smile back at him.

“I’m not too sure Chris said that he would deal with the transport and such. Its back tie and everything and Chris said that the company will pay for our tux.”

“Well the answer is no then. I don’t have time to get a tux,” Justin replied grateful for the chance to get out of going.

Lance grinned again and went over to the open door and closed it half way. There hanging on the back of the door were two suit bags. “I already picked you one up.”

Justin groaned inwardly. Lance was way too organised at times. “Fine,” he sighed. “I’m not staying late though.”

Lance nodded enthusiastically and grinned. “Sure,” he agreed. “Two hours tops.”

Justin rubbed at his neck once more and grunted. Today was going to be yet another long day.

It was 6:30 before they finally got the chance to go and change. Lance disappeared into a stall and Justin stripped off his work pants. He was too tired to worry whether or not someone would see him in his underwear. The Tuxedo was a perfect fit but then again he had expected it to be. Lance was a genius when it came to clothes. He could look a guy up and down and just know exactly what size pants he took. Lance came out of the stall straightening his bow tie.

“Wow, Lance you look great,” Justin said appreciatively.

Lance blushed slightly. “So do you,” he said stepping forward to retie Justin's bow. “I really do appreciate this,” he said softly. “Kirkpatrick gives me creeps. He is always sneaking around and what’s with the blinds. It’s like he is allergic to sunlight or something.”

“He scares the shit out of me,” Justin admitted.

Lance checked his watch. “We had better move. I told him that we would meet him in the lobby at 7.”

The two friends rode the elevator down to the lobby in silence. As the door opened and they stepped out Chris stepped into view. Justin had to say he was impressed. The dark moody man had pulled out all the stops. His tuxedo fitted him like a glove and shimmered every now and then when the light caught it. His wild hair that he usually left to its own devises had been tamed and gelled perfectly into place and he even seemed taller.

Lance hesitated and then smiled. “You look very smart Mr. Kirkpatrick, elegant.”

Chris scowled. “Call me Chris” he grunted in reply “And I look like a fucking asshole but you don’t go to the annual ball in jeans. Well not if you want to actually leave in one piece anyway.” He looked the two men up and down. “You both scrub up nice,” he grunted and turned and walked away. When neither Lance nor Justin started to follow he turned again. “Are you coming or not?” he growled.

The two friends looked at each other. “Yeah sure,” Lance answered and they followed him out into the street.

Neither Lance nor Justin had been in a limo before and it showed. Lance enthusiastically clambered into the back and promptly began to explore all the nooks and crannies that he could find. Chris leaned back and observed for a while and then kicked the excited man’s ankle. “Try that compartment,” he said grinning. Lance smiled back and opened the door that Chris pointed to.

“It’s a bar!” Lance gushed. “Is that Cristal?”

“Only the best for my date,” Chris growled back.

Lance’s head shot up. “Date!” he exclaimed. “I don’t remember agreeing to be your date. You said that I had to come.”

Chris laughed and Justin felt strangely unnerved. “You are both my dates for now.” he said still grinning. He reached over and took the champagne from the cooler.” Just sit back and relax we have a long drive ahead of us.


“Wow,” Justin exclaimed as he stepped out of the limo and looked up the steps to the Georgian manor house. “Isn’t this a little out of place?”

Chris smiled. And took Justin's arm; he then linked his free arm with Lance’s. “Our host had it moved from Atlanta to here. It’s his ancestral home and when he relocated he wanted to bring it with him. Shall we?” he said as they reached the foot of the stairs. A classical quintet was playing a waltz as they entered the ball room. All around men were dressed in dark tuxedos and the women looked as if they had stepped right out of the early eighteen hundreds in their crinoline dresses with masses of petticoats. They glided around the dance floor guided by their partners in a mass of colour and with elegance that neither Lance nor Justin had ever seen before. A young boy almost naked with a vacant stare stepped in front of them and offered them a glass of champagne from the tray he was carrying. Chris handed one to Lance and one to Justin before taking one for himself and dismissing the waiter.

“I like the help.” Lance muttered in Justin's ear as another half naked boy glided past. Justin watched him go, his barely covered ass moving slowly from side to side as he walked.

“It seems a little obscene to me,” Justin muttered back. Another boy passed by them, his eyes as dull and lifeless as the first two boys had been. “It gives me the creeps.”

“Gives me a hard on,” Lance muttered back with a grin.

“This way,” Chris interrupted placing his hand on Justin's back. “Our host isn’t here yet. He never gets here before midnight and he likes to make an entrance. Chris guided them both over to a table and indicated that they should sit down. “Stay here,” he ordered. “And stick to the Champagne. You might find the red a little too full bodied for your pallets.”

“Where are you going”? Lance asked as Chris began to walk away.

Chris paused and smiled unnervingly. “I have some business to conduct. Don’t go anywhere with anyone.”

“Why?” Justin asked abruptly.

Chris came back to the table and sat down. He took Lance’s champagne from him and drained the glass. He then clicked his fingers and lifted it into the air and a boy hurried over to him taking the empty glass and replacing it with a full one. Chris grabbed his arm to stop him from leaving again and he passed the full glass to Lance. “These are not nice people boys,” he said with a smirk. He pulled the waiter closer and stretched out the boy’s arm so that Lance and Justin could both see the dark bruising and puncture marks that went from his wrist to armpit. “Do you both want to end up like him because if you wander away from this table or me this is exactly how you will end up.” Chris let go of the boy’s arm and he wandered away with his tray as if nothing had even happened.

“Is he high?” Justin asked in a small voice.

Chris laughed. “Nothing near as pleasant,” he growled. “He is domesticated.” Chris stood back up. “Do yourself a favour and stay put. I’ll be about an hour.”


“Don’t you ever use lights?” Chris asked as he stepped inside the darkened state room.

“I like the darkness,” a soft voice replied. A flame flickered and light split into the room. Joshua was illuminated and Chris mewed softly in appreciation.

“You are wasted in the darkness,” he growled.

Joshua smiled and his eyes crinkled at the corners. “Flattering child,” he replied not bothering to hide the pleasure that the compliment gave him. He clicked his fingers and a young man stepped out of the shadows, the same vacant look about him as the slaves that were serving the guests. Joshua lifted a glass to a tap fitted to the boy’s neck and filled it with his blood. He held it out to Chris. “Not Creole I’m afraid but true Creoles are hard to find now days. It is southern though, Georgian I believe. Chris accepted the glass and took a sip of the dark red fluid. He growled low in the back of his throat as the flavour of fresh blood filled his mouth. “It grows cold quickly,” Joshua continued as he filled his own glass. He waved the boy away and he stepped back into the shadows. “But one should keep up appearances and drink from a glass when in company.”

Chris smacked his lips. “God forbid they see you as what you are?” he replied snidely. “How long will he last?”

Joshua smiled. “As long as I want him to. I never take more than four glasses from him. I use him for social drinking not feeding.” Joshua walked over to the to the full length window and looked out into the moonlight. “Enough of the idol chat,” he suddenly said in his satiny voice. “Tell me what I want to hear.”

Chris came close behind his creator. “He is in the ballroom. Him and another that I want to get your approval of.”

Joshua turned around quickly a smile on his lips. “Why Christopher don’t tell me that you are ready to embrace your new life at last.” He stepped closer to his servant and brought his lips almost to those of the shorter man. “Do you want him as a mate?” he breathed into Chris’ mouth.

Chris groaned inwardly. Being this close to Joshua was what had got him into this mess in the first place. The vampire was exquisite. He was flawless; everything from his pale alabaster skin to his magnificent bone structure and his silver blue eyes was perfect. Chris knew it had something to do with being undead that brought beauty to him; it was the lure that brought him his victims. “I’m not sure yet,” Chris answered wetting his lips. His eyes were drawn to Joshua's mouth and the way it curved. He felt suddenly intoxicated and he stepped even closer to his maker. They stood for a moment with their mouths almost touching and then Joshua laughed and Chris regained his senses and stumbled back a pace. “Why do you do that?” he growled angrily.

Joshua returned to his place by the window. “To see if you still want me,” he answered still laughing. He gazed up at the full moon. “Leave me,” he commanded. “I need to prepare myself.”

“And the punk?” Chris asked.

“Introduce him to me and then take your new toy and leave us.”


“He said stay here,” Justin said grabbing at Lance’s arm. His friend had got bored with just sitting and waiting.

“I was just going over to look at the table,” Lance answered indignantly.

“Well don’t,” Justin answered. He looked around himself. “I don’t want to be left alone. I feel as if everyone is looking at me. Like they know something that I don’t.”

“It’s your imagination,” Lance said twisting his neck so that he could look for one of the scantily clad waiters. He saw one and beckoned him over.

“Chris said don’t touch the red,” Justin said as the boy drew close and he saw that his tray was filled with crystal glasses filled to the brim with thick dark red wine.

Lance sighed. “Can you get us some champagne?” he asked the boy and was met with a blank stare. “Champagne,” Lance said again. “You know the fizzy wine that isn’t red.” The boy looked dully at his tray and then wandered away and over to a tall Hispanic looking gentleman who was quite willing to take a glass from him. Lance and Justin watched as the man took a sip and closed his eyes as he savoured the flavour. “He seems to like it,” Lance observed. “Maybe Chris was wrong about it being bad.”

“I’m never wrong,” Chris said making Lance jump as he slipped into the seat beside him. He lifted his hand up in the air and snapped his fingers twice. A boy materialised beside him with a tray of champagne. “Our host will be arriving soon,” he said as he handed one glass to Justin and another to Lance. He clicked his fingers twice more and the boy left.

“Are you not drinking?” Lance asked noticing Chris’ lack of a glass. The dark haired man clicked his fingers once and promptly a waiter hurried to him with a tray of red wine. “You said the red was bad,” Lance said frowning.

“I never said it was bad,” Chris said with a smile that was more of a snarl. “I just told you not to drink it.” He lifted the glass to his nose and inhaled deeply, his eyes closed. He brought the glass to his lips and took a deep draught. His eyes opened again and Justin was startled by the almost feral look in them. Chris licked his lips and then diverted his attention to the stairs as the clock struck midnight. “Our host is here,” he said standing up.

Justin followed Chris’ gaze and inhaled sharply as Joshua descended the stairs. His golden brown hair curled down to his shoulders and his eyes sparkled in the candlelit room. His tuxedo shimmered like silk with every step and Justin felt his heart lurch up into his throat as he began to walk across the now deserted dance floor towards him. Chris stepped forward and bowed low and deep. “You do us honour sire,” he breathed and then he offered his hand for Joshua to rest his gloved hand upon and escorted him over to the table where Justin and Lance were waiting and watching in awe. The music had stopped playing and all around them the revellers had become silent and still, bowing or curtsying as he passed them by. “Sire,” Chris said softly. “May I introduce you to Justin Timberlake. Justin this is Joshua.” Chris stepped back pulling Lance back with him much to his disgust that he hadn’t been presented as well.

Joshua fixed his cold blue eyes on the young man before him and then took a step towards him. “It is a pleasure to meet you Justin,” he said silkily. “I hope you are having a nice time.”

Justin felt his face flush. “Very much,” he answered almost shyly. “You have a beautiful home.” Joshua's hand closed around his and he almost came in his pants as Joshua's thumb stroked softly against his wrist and he stared deeply into his eyes. In the back of his mind Justin became vaguely aware that the party had restarted and couples were once more taking to the dance floor. He wet his lips with his tongue, his mouth suddenly feeling very dry.

Joshua smiled knowingly and clicked his fingers and a pretty young boy with auburn blonde hair and blue eyes appeared at his side. Joshua lifted two glasses of Cristal from the offered tray and gave one to Justin. “Walk with me Justin,” he said in a voice that told Justin that he was used to people doing what he asked them to. The revellers stepped aside to let him pass bowing and muttering words of reverence as he passed them by.

“Are you royalty?” Justin asked innocently as he walked by Joshua's side.

The beautiful man smiled again and he met Justin's eyes once more. “In a way yes,” he answered and Justin got the impression that he was laughing at him. Justin flushed and he looked away and gulped his drink to cover his embarrassment. His skin felt as if it was on fire as Joshua's hand brushed down his cheek and then gently but firmly turned his chin so that he was again looking at him. Justin struggled to remember when Joshua had removed his gloves. “You have no need to turn your face from me,” Joshua said softly. “I have wanted to meet you for so long.” He smiled again at the confusion in Justin's eyes. “Let me show you the garden.” Firmly he steered Justin out through the open French doors and down the steps to the well tended garden. He stopped to examine a rose bush with blooms that looked almost black in the moon light. “Beautiful isn’t it,” Joshua said in a whisper. He inhaled the bloom deeply and sighed. “I love the night.” He diverted his attention back to Justin, his eyes fixed on his lips as he moved in closer. Justin took a breath as Joshua's silken touch to his cheek set his skin ablaze once more. His face moved closer and Justin forgot how to breathe as his lips hovered just millimetres from that of the lovely man’s. “Dance with me,” Joshua breathed. Entranced Justin let Joshua pull him into his arms and lead him into a waltz; they twirled and dipped in time to the music that was filtering through the open French doors until Justin was dizzy. The champagne was making him light headed, or at least he thought it was the champagne. He groaned as Joshua buried his nose into his neck and he fisted Joshua's golden brown curls when he began to lick at his tender flesh. “I’ve waited so long,” Joshua sighed. “Just too have you in my arms and to dance under the moon with you.”

Justin pulled away reluctantly. He didn’t want to break the contact but he wanted to see the lovely man’s face. “How could you have waited a long time, we have only just met?” Justin asked. He groaned and closed his eyes as Joshua brought their lips together, kissing him tenderly and then resting his forehead against his.

“Does it matter?” Joshua asked breathily. He swiped his tongue over Justin's lips once more. “I want you. That is all that matters.” He drew Justin to him once again and kissed him until the young man was breathless. He broke the kiss and took Justin's hand in his. “Walk with me,” he said leading Justin down further into the garden. Darkness surrounded them as the lights from the house were lost.

“Where are we going?” Justin whispered in the dark silence. Chris’ warning of staying at the table or close to him screamed in his head.

“I want to show you something,” Joshua answered. They negotiated their way down the garden until they were standing in front of an old crypt.

“What is it?” Justin asked. His heart began to pound as Joshua pulled him in front of him and wrapped his arm around his waist so that his belly was pressed into Justin's back.

“It’s a tomb my love,” Joshua breathed into his ear.

“Your family’s,” Justin mouthed almost silently.

He felt Joshua shake with silent laughter and then groaned as his tongue swept up the side of his neck. “No my love,” Joshua sighed softly. “Not my family’s; Mine.”

Justin stiffened in Joshua's arms. “Yours,” he repeated unbelievingly.

This time Joshua did laugh. “Mine,” he repeated. “Soon to be yours.”

He turned Justin so he was facing him and in the moonlight Justin could see the gleam of his fangs. He cried out in horror and began to struggle but Joshua held him firm. “Don’t fight me my love,” Joshua said kindly. “It won’t hurt.” Before Justin could react Joshua's fangs sank into his neck and he felt himself go limp in the vampire’s arms.

“No,” he whispered weakly. “I don’t want to die.” Joshua's tongue lapped lovingly at the punctures that he had made. He looked into Justin's barely conscious face and the young man whimpered at the blood around the beautiful but deadly creature’s mouth. My blood, Justin thought.

“You don’t have to die Justin,” Joshua breathed. “Say the word and I will spare you. You will just go to sleep and when you wake again we will be as one.”

Justin began to cry and Joshua caressed his face and hushed him, soothing him with words like love and forever. “Tell me my love,” Joshua urged. “Tell me what you want.”

Justin's breath grew laboured as his blood loss began to take its toll. “Don’t want to die,” he mouthed almost silently. “Joshua please.”

Joshua lowered Justin to the ground and lay down beside him. “Tell me,” he urged again. He rested his hand on Justin's chest. “Tell me what you want Justin. Just say the words that I want to hear and I will give you eternal life.”

Justin's breath grew shallower and he grasped Joshua's hand as tight as his failing body would let him. “Save my life,” he begged.

“You will be mine?” Joshua asked as Justin's eyes began to close.

“Yes,” Justin sighed with his dying breath. Joshua acted quickly biting into his own wrist and then pressing it to Justin's mouth. A smile spread over his lips as Justin responded to the blood; sucking and swallowing unable to resist the sweet thick fluid. Joshua wrenched his wrist away and scrambled back and then sat licking his own wound as Justin writhed in the dirt. It only took minutes for Justin's body to die and once he had Joshua lifted him into his arms and carried him into the tomb and laid him in the coffin that was waiting for him. He bent down and kissed Justin's lifeless lips and then closed the lid. He walked over to the still open doorway and looked up into the rapidly lightening sky. Another hour or so and the sun would rise. A cry to his right made his sharp night vision eyes dart in that direction and he smiled seeing that his servant Chris had the mousy haired Lance pinned against a tree and was sucking eagerly at his neck. He knew that Chris would embrace his new eternal life sooner than later but it was never easy killing for the first time and Chris had fought it every step of the way not wanting to become the monster that his maker was. “Don’t stay out too long Chris,” Joshua said into the darkness and Chris growled in response before stabbing his fangs back into Lance’s throat.

Joshua closed the door to his tomb. He was pleased. His family was coming together. Chris had finally embraced his new life and he was sure that he would soon see the mousy haired Lance again either as mate or blood slave to his favourite son. He ran his fingers over the sealed coffin that contained Justin's body and then bent down and kissed the bronze plaque that harboured the young man’s full name. “Sleep well Justin Randall Timberlake,” he breathed into the darkness. “I will be here when you wake.” He stroked the casket again and then climbed into his own pulling the lid down over him. This day he would sleep easily knowing that the past twenty years had not been in vain.

Any time that I touch you, you just tremble inside
And I know how much you want me that you can’t hide.
Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?


Lyrics By Van Morrison



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