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Disclaimer: this is fiction. We made it up.

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2005 stories

Aeon (Scenes From A Pairing)

Almost Never There

A Medieval Affair

Best Mistake

Build My World

Case Closed

Competitive Trust




Fantasy Number Two Thousand Five Hundred Fourteen

Favor Fire

Five Things That Never Happened To Justin Timberlake

Girlfriend in a Coma

Happy Now


Holding Out

In The Closet

In the heart, a little house

Lap Dance

Life's Driving Strength

Light Speed

Like Something Happened


The River in Front

The Road Once Traveled

Skin and Teeth

Sleight of Hand

Something Real

Some Time To Kill

Spanish Castle Magic: A Castle made of Sand

That Alternate Universe Called "LA"

Time of the Utmost Quality

Too Long of an Affair

What Lies Beyond

What Not to Expect

Working Days


2006 Stories

26 ficlets

and you meant it

the bell


days go by

eternally yours

holding on for precious life

how many ways will you miss me

i can't save you from yourself

just tell me


penguinsitting for dummies

pornography, perpetually

a show tonight on trampoline

still undone


such people in it

a time worth waiting for



2007 stories

and i work at my job

I don't love you anymore

I'll never stop

I'm invincible, so are you

inside out

Keep the Same Appointments I Kept

a lucky master of the universe

the message


a night to remember


the spirit catches you

take a chance with me


2008 Stories

Back Around

Bon-Bon Fire of the Vanities


Do Not Arouse Or Awaken Love (Until It So Desires)

Fishing in Streams

Flaming Ninja Waffles

Hi De Woe

(I'm Not) Home For Christmas

It's What We Do

I've Had A Few

Justin Timberlake, Is

Like a Virgin (Touched for the Very First Time)

Meadow Glenn Inn

Rabbits' Feet, Kisses, and Invisible Gay Necklaces

Sport of Champions

A Taste of You

Then Is a Warm Happiness and Now Just Is

Under the Surface

Upside Down (You're Turning Me)

You Give Sweet



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