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Brown Fur with Blond Tips

written for wtf27, a crack!fic challenge

The five of them hurried through the howling crowd, waving and smiling as they ran. An object hit Joey in the chest, and he caught it automatically. It was a teddybear. Why the hell these girls thought he would—any of them would—want a teddybear, he'd never understand. But they were all well trained, so he held on to the bear, even showed it off to the squealing crowd, before dashing through the doors and into blessed quiet.

"What'cha get, Joey?" It was Lance, looking slightly stunned like he always did, like having fans shrieking their names was something he never quite thought he deserved.

"A bear." Joey showed it to him, then examined the thing for himself. It was actually quite a nice bear, as teddybears went, the fur was soft and silky, light brown fading to blond tips, and the paws seemed to be padded with real suede. Joey ran his finger thoughtfully over the bear's downy-soft abdomen, and the toy produced a deep, growly noise. "It's a Bass-bear," he said, grinning. "Look at the eyes!" Two large, slightly protruding, pale green glass buttons, rather unfortunately angled in slightly different directions. "Seriously, man, it's you!"

Lance gave him the finger.

* * *

Confusion. This didn't look like his room. There was mess on the floor, a jumble of shoes and dirty T-shirts. Lance always folded his laundry into its own bag, and kept his shoes tidily in a row. Besides, those were not his shoes. Lance was pretty sure his neat feet would be lost inside those great boats, though admittedly it was hard to be certain, since his eyes were not focusing as well as they ought. In fact, they seemed to be looking in slightly different directions, one left and up, the other right and down.

Also, he was sitting on the bedside cabinet. The heat from the bedside light was warming his butt. Not a good plan. He ought to be in bed. He had been in bed. He wanted to get back into bed and go to sleep. Not a difficult thing to do... except that he didn't seem to be able to move.

The door opened. Good, thought Lance, here was Joey, big strong helpful Joey would haul him off the bedside cabinet and push him in whichever direction he was supposed to go.

Big strong Joey looked a heck of a lot bigger than usual, Lance thought, looking up and left at Joey's shoulder and down and right at Joey's knee. Joey did not appear to have noticed Lance sitting there, which was a little strange, but perhaps Joey was drunk.

Then Joey began to haul off his clothes. Oh dear, thought Lance. Time to get outta here.

At which point, not being able to move was quite a problem.

Neither, Lance discovered, could he speak.

With a mighty effort, Lance adjusted his gaze , and noticed to his horror that his arm was (a) smaller than it had been in years, and (b) covered with fur. Silky light brown fur tipped with blond.

Lance was a Bass-bear.

His glassy eyes wide with horror, Lance watched Joey stretch his naked body out on the bed, and idly start fingering his penis. Puh-lease! Innocent bear here, put that away right now!

Then Joey grunted, and reached for the bear on the bedside table.

Help! thought Lance. Heeeelllp!! But his little pursed bear mouth made no sound.

* * *

"Oh yeah," Joey muttered to himself. "Yeah, baby!"

The silky fur of the bear's belly felt so good against his cock. He rubbed harder, groaning happily at the ticklecaress of light brown fur tipped with blond against his skin. A happy thought occurred, and he changed grip, holding a furry paw in each hand and rubbing the suede pads up and down the sides of his erection. Man, that felt fine! A little adjustment and he got the furry tummy tickle too. So this was what teddybears were for! Up and down went the bear, up and down, up and down, up, down, up, down, up, down, updownupdownupdownupdownupdownupdownaaaaaaah!

He wiped himself clean using the teddybear's unsticky side, then hurled the toy vaguely in the direction of the trash, and rolled himself under the covers. There'd be another bear along tomorrow.

* * *

Lying on his back next to the wall, with icky sticky white stuff all over his face—it went in his eye, dammit!—Lance wondered seriously whether Europe was all that it was cracked up to be.

* * *

"Pass the honey, wouldja," Joey requested at breakfast next morning.

Lance growled at him.



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