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Fiction by Pen . . . . . not real, made up, purely intended for entertainment

Toga Party


At last, he'd thought, at last he was free, rich, and over twenty-one. He had a fabulous house, just right for a huge party and so...

Only, it was surprisingly difficult to organize an orgy.

Who did you invite, to an orgy? His usual friends, the people he'd invite to an ordinary party—no. Just, no. Sure, Trace was his oldest friend, but he really didn't need to see Trace naked, let alone—no. No way. Same for Chris. And when he started to think about it, there were a lot of people he kinda felt that way about. And he couldn't very well go out and find some aesthetically pleasing random strangers and invite them home for an orgy, could he? This fame gig had its disadvantages. Still, there was a hotness to the thought of being fucked by someone he didn't even know... nah. How could he be sure they weren't, oh, diseased, or something?

But he was a famous pop star, and he'd been really good, all this time, and he deserved some wild sex, dammit!

So he asked Lance.


Lance had looked at him with astonishment for a moment, then opened his laptop and gestured for Justin to sit down.

"Well, you're going to need bucketloads of condoms," he began...


And now, here Justin was, wandering through his house wearing a toga, and wondering if it would be too lame for words to hide out in his bedroom and lock the door.

It had been exciting, to start with, real exciting. Those two girls who'd got the party started, with the honey, while everyone else lazed around on couches and watched them, that had been hot. And some guy had thrown his toga onto the floor and grabbed a condom from the big bowl in the middle of the room, and—yeah. Live porn, right here in his house. Justin, hard and panting, had been sure, then, that he'd made a good choice.

Only, he hadn't quite been able to bring himself to touch any of those women, or the men either. It seemed to him that anyone who'd fuck a near-stranger with other people watching had to be kinda skanky, and he wasn't sure he trusted his dick near them. "Just watching," he'd said, any time someone offered. Wandering through his house, there had been some kind of sex going on in every room, he thought, all kinds of combinations of male and female, groaning and slurping and bouncing, and after a while it just didn't seem erotic anymore. Probably no-one would notice if he wasn't there.

"Going somewhere?"

Justin jumped. It was Lance, wearing a short tunic thing which showed off his arms and legs. He was barefoot, and grinning like a wolf.

"I, um. Just wanted some time out," Justin said, not wishing to admit that he hadn't been an eager participant in his own orgy.

"Are you sure that's what you want?" Lance growled, all of a sudden a lot closer than Justin had been expecting. His pupils were wide and black, and he leaned in and licked Justin's throat, a hot wet line right up to his jaw. And suddenly Justin was as hard as he'd ever been in his life, because Lance in a tunic that looked as though it could fall right off him any second now was the hottest thing Justin had ever seen, way hotter than two girls licking honey off one another's breasts, and Lance seemed to think Justin was pretty hot too, from the places his hands were suddenly going and wow!

"I—uh! Um, bedroom?" he suggested. He didn't think his hallway was the right place for what he wanted Lance to do to him; also, there were mirrors in his bedroom, a whole wall of them, hiding his shoe closets.

"We've been making sure nobody else goes in there," said Lance, into his ear, and took him by the hand to lead him.

"We? Did you say—who's 'we'?" Justin asked nervously as he moved into his bedroom in Lance's wake.

"Because it just ain't an orgy unless there's more'n two people involved."

Justin turned, and found himself looking into wide green eyes, beautiful eyes, eyes with the same cool, self-possessed and faintly predatory expression as Lance's eyes, but which belonged, it turned out, to Kevin Richardson. And then there was a hand pressed lightly against his side, a thumb stroking the skin that the toga didn't cover.

"So, Justin," said Kevin. "It's your orgy. You want to have fun with us?"

"We can lock the door," suggested Lance, breathing against Justin's bare shoulder. "And what shall we do then? Shall we lick you all over, suck your nipples and share your cock? You want me to spread for you so you can fuck me while Kevin watches? Or," Lance licked at Justin's bicep, "shall we get you on all fours on that orgy-sized bed yonder, and I'll fuck you while you suck Kevin off?"

"Please!" The picture in Justin's mind, so vivid, Kevin kneeling in front of him, his mouth filled with Kevin's cock, while Lance fucked him slowly. He wanted to make them come at the same time. Then switch round and do it again, take him, use him... "Yes, yes. I want you both."

They smiled, wolfish and beautiful, and Justin's toga slid to the floor.



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