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Fiction by Pen . . . . . not real, made up, purely intended for entertainment



Later that night, or possibly, early the following morning, he wasn't sure, AJ staggered into Nick's tiny bathroom. He batted hopefully along the wall by the door, but couldn't find the light pull. Never mind. He could detect porcelain by feel and—what the hell were *those*?

Four glowy blobs, on what must be the glass shelf above the sink. A pinkish one, a bluish, a greenish, and something that was trying to be purple. AJ squinted at them as he washed his hands and groin, and when he was dried, picked up the pinkish one for closer inspection.

It was a rubber duck.

"Dude," he said, waving the glowing blob as he went back to the bedroom. Somewhere in the darkness was a bed with naked Nick sprawled on it, and after the refreshment of cold water on his sensitive bits, AJ was ready to be awake a while longer. "You have rubber ducks. Glowy ones."

"My kid sister gave them to me." Good, he wasn't asleep. "I like having things to play with in the bath."

"Yeah, but. You only have a shower." AJ clambered into bed, and settled the duck on Nick's chest.

"Maybe I could use your bath?"

"Oh. Okay." AJ considered. "Only if I get to watch."

"Better than that. You can join in. Of course, if I have you to play with, I won't actually need my rubber ducks."

"That's true. Also, I'm more adaptable. You can play with me in the shower, too."

Nick made a noise like a satiated piglet. The glowing duck curved through the air and onto the bedside locker, and Nick hauled AJ close. "Tomorrow," he said.



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