nsync in black and white

Fiction by Pen . . . . . not real, made up, purely intended for entertainment


Someone requested a story in which Nick and Justin are using one another,because they're both in love with someone else, who's married.

Big, strong. Tall, Justin liked that, tall enough to be face to face, eye to eye with him. Powerful enough to pick him up, over his shoulder, carry him to the bed and dump him on the mattress. Then there was a strong, sweaty blanket holding his wrists, biting carefully at his neck, nuzzling his ear and crooning in that oddly high voice. Justin closed his eyes and arched his hips.

Such bright blue eyes. A smile that dazzled. Nick captured both unprotesting wrists and held them to the mattress, behind Justin's head, with his left hand, while his right flicked across Justin's tight T-shirt, tweaked at taut nipples, flattened over his perfect abs. Justin's hips rose, thrusting at the air while Nick teased out more of those little breathless sounds.

Justin had imagined this so many times, he just hadn't known it could feel this hot, being held down and played with like this. "Please," he managed, and yes, at last, fingers sliding his zipper down, tugging at his jeans. Justin lifted up, kicked his clothes away and spread his legs.

Nick had imagined this so many times. He'd always known it could never happen. But here was Justin, all spread out, open and eager, begging him. There was lube on the bed, and his fingers slid inside and Justin writhed so beautifully and felt so hot and tight and perfect. He almost didn't want to stop, but there were condoms on the bed too, so he let go Justin's wrists and slid his fingers back out, and—

"Let me," Justin said.

His eyes were so very blue.

Justin's mouth watered as he rolled the condom carefully onto Nick's cock. "How do you want me?"

On his knees, with his arms and face resting on the pillow, and wasn't that a pretty sight. Even so, Nick closed his eyes as he fucked him slowly, making the most of it, making him gasp and push back and beg for more, muffled noises in the pillow he could pretend were the sounds he wanted to hear.

Fuck, this was good. It felt just like he'd always imagined it would. As he came, Justin bit his fingers, and the name he wanted to say stayed hidden. As it should.

They'd do this again.


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