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Star Trek: The Next Generation

This is the Alternative Index, in case you are wary of treading in stories without warnings

These are in roughly chronological order as they would fit with the show, though in some cases there isn't really any canon correlation to worry about.

The Things that Juliana Didn't Say a story about Data's childhood. I never believed Juliana Tainer was telling the whole truth about her life with Dr Soong.
A smidgen of unexplicit sex, some innuendo Soong/Mrs Soong

It Never Happened a ficlet which postulates a slightly different time frame surrounding the episode The Naked Now
no sex, but a fair bit of innuendo. Data, Tasha

By Invitation Only a Season Two episode that might have been, in which a planetary population is threatened by a plague, and Data nearly gets married

Between SemiQuavers which takes place somewhat after the events of Deja Q.
Actually, this one is slash. D/Q

An Odd State of Flux takes place just after the events of The Most Toys. Gen.

Vacation Data is entitled to a holiday, once in a while. But what exactly is 'a good time', and how will he know when he's having one?
Non-explicit smuttiness D/various

The Educated Pig an unexpected and not awfully serious encounter with a very cute alien

Who Needs an Apple? Drabble, inspired by the thought of getting Data to remove his uniform
Gen, though heading smut-wards

BuzzThe Enterprise, being a clean ship, keeps tidying Ensign Sue's vibrator out of existence. What is a girl to do?
Oh, quite a lot of rudeness here, involving a sex toy. D/Sue

Stuck in the Big Chair Riker has to go against his instincts while in command. Gen

Sonnet: To Jenna We all know that Data writes rather... unusual poetry

A Matter of TimingIn which someone takes over the Enterprise and launches a missile. Not unrelated to the episode A Matter of Time

A Little Ado Data wears tights, and makes use of his kissing subroutines.
More or less Gen, but with understated smut D/OFC

A Few Datas More Data is checking Worf's 'Ancient West' holodeck program. Set somewhat after A Fistful of Datas and before Ship in a Bottle
Some rudeness here, too, involving Deanna D/various, Troi/?

Qualicative Assessment A possible explanation of one of the Enterprise's most enigmatic characters

STARDATE 47169.2 A poem, owing rather a lot to W H Auden's poem O Where are you Going?

and, as a late addition, Anomaly, a pop/Trek crossover, gen with slashy overtones


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