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Fan Fiction

Do you know what fan fiction is? If you don't, are you sure you want to?

These are stories set in worlds created by other people. I intend no assertion of ownership that would impinge upon the copyright of the original creators, I just want to play in their worlds awhile. And the RPF stories are written with purest love and no desire to pretend anything in them is real.

All my stories are available for remixing, recording and derivative work, so long as you're not (bizarrely) trying to make money from them.
Ideally, you'll send me a link.

My first fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Mostly written during the late 1990s. Some recent additions, updated 5th September 2021.


Harry Potter: Neville Longbottom and the Boke of Fecretf
Independence Day 1996: Target
The Archers: Revenge of the Gnomes Matt is having an affair, and Eddie Grundy is selling garden gnomes.
The Archers: The Oklahoma! Moment Adam gets lucky
Stargate: Atlantis: Ritual written for the I Saw Three Ships challenge 2009
Mad Men: Pepsi and Chateauneuf du Pape written for FandomGiftBox Challenge 2021; Sally, after the series
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Preparation of a Gentleman's Nursery written for Yuletide 2021; Harriet is expecting
Jane Austen's Persuasion: Of Duty, and a Path Not Ridden written for Yuletide 2022; an alternative path for Anne and Frederick
White Collar: The Fundamental Things Apply Post-series. The evidence is ambiguous, and Neal was a very good con man

My current obsession: Popslash (updated 27th September 2021)

includes the Dragon Challenge stories, most of which were written by other people

and the JuC Swap Stories, also written by other people

A recent arrival: Glambert (updated 31st December 2020)


I have also recorded several stories. My own are linked on the story pages; podfic of other people's stories is indexed here.