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The Dragon Challenge

Back in 2006, I determined that there were not enough dragons in Popslash.
Happily, there was something I could do to remedy the deficiency, and the D-Day Dragon Challenge was born.
Sign-ups open on St George's Day (23rd April) and stories are revealed on D-Day, ie 6th June, which happens to be my birthday.

2006: Dragons

The BFL by Pen

Chasing the Dragon by Sola Fiamma

Day Tripping by Silveryscrape

A Habitation of Dragons by No pSeud Attached

Metaphorical by Buddleia

Not So Fragile by Raynedanser

Paramore by Audry

Prone by Pen

A Secret by Raven

Spot by Terri

Strings and Sealing Wax by BeckyO

Sundreams by Ninjetti

Tirante by Ephemera

A Treatise on the Habits of the Greater Blue Horned Dragon by Patchworkdragon

2007: Dragons and Dwarves

The Blatant Beast by Muinteor

The Dragon Fairy by Sperrywink

Green Scales Fell Like Rain by Donna

If You Want To Fly by Pen

Low Fiends in High Places by Ninjetti

My Lover's Keeper by Melanie

Roll for Initiative by Buddleia

The Sansibels by KC

Seven Plus One Equals None by Terri

A Summoner's Tale by Raven

Tales of Light and Darkness by Ariadne

The Theft by Iconis

2008: Dragons, Dwarves and Dolphins

aijuswannaknow by Cocoalatte

Breathe by Jacie

digital-age remix, the same old story by SnarkyLlama

Dolphie by Lucy

Hatch Me by Phaballa

Like It Says On The Can by Terri

No, Seriously by Chalcopyrite

On How He Came To Be A Man by Jacie

Proposed Porpoise Purpose by Ninjetti

Stalking Dragon by Raven

Tribute by Pen

Wide Eyed and Legless by Pen

2009: Dragons, Dwarves, Dolphins, Diamonds

Galatea by Chalcopyrite

Grounded by Raven

JC in the Sky with Diamonds by Solariana

Lights All Faded by Musicboxgirl

Snufflekisses by Pen

Tabula Rasa, Lacuna Caeruleus by Ninjetti

There is an Annotated version of this story here.

Us of Lesser Gods by Sami B

2010: Dragons, Dwarves, Dolphins, Diamonds, Demons

Meddling by Chalcopyrite

Strange Brew by Jacie

Twice around the prompts (ten different pairings, can be read in any order)

I An Association with Dolphins Lance performs godfatherly duties

II Sparkle Joey has dinner with Justin
III Talking it up Justin is wary of JC's birthday party
IV Steel Dragon AJ doesn't like rollercoasters. Except for some.
V Dreamer Brian still has the dreams, sometimes.
VI Someday he'll be taller It's not fair being the youngest, Nick thinks.
VII Water Baby Nick is the Dolphin Ambassador, and Kevin needs a favor.
VIII La Leyenda Howie's business is under threat, but there's a guardian to help.
IX Bargain Howie really is exceptionally hot these days. How does he do that?

X Aces High Chris has to be creative, with Lance.


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