nsync in black and white

Fiction by Pen . . . . . not real, made up, purely intended for entertainment


Another one for fic_requests

Joey and Lance were horsing around behind him; Chris was lurking amid the costume rails; Justin was—hmm, not visible. Possibly on one of his modesty kicks, and gone off to change somewhere private.

With a mental shrug, JC stretched his other leg, then raised his arms high, checking for symmetry in the mirrored wall. Loosened his limbs with a casual shake.

He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Joey and Lance had stopped whatever they had been doing. Lance had—he checked, twisting at the waist—Lance had gone over to Chris, and they were irritating each other. JC was careful not to grin. Sooner or later those two would realise why they couldn't stop raising each other's hackles, and get it together. Or, possibly, there'd be a conflagration that would end with them tearing each other's clothes off. He hoped he'd be there to watch.

He twisted the other way.

Joey was watching him. Not obviously, but JC was almost sure... He decided to up the ante a little, and shimmied his whole body from top to bottom.

Joey was definitely watching. JC stretched idly, so that his T-shirt lifted, exposing skin. He liked the feeling that Joey's eyes were on him, were probably concentrating on those few inches of exposed abs. Made him feel, hmm, warm. Tingly. Trouble was, he wasn't quite sure what to do next. He always seemed to get stuck at this point, and Joey never got any closer. Maybe Joey just enjoyed the view and didn't mean anything by it. That was probably it, and it made JC sad.

"Do that thing again," Joey said invitingly from a point close behind his left ear. JC had been so preoccupied with trying not to watch Joey that he'd missed Joey sneaking up behind him. Heart thumped a bit. "That thing," Joey continued, "where you wiggle all the way down."

JC had a fairly clear idea what Joey meant, so he held up his arms and let his body ripple. Parts of him rippled against parts of Joey, and parts of Joey seemed quite appreciative.

That was nice.

Strange how Joey could seem so much taller than JC. He wasn't. Really, he wasn't, but he was so big, so solid, so unmistakeably there, he was all protective and splendid. JC really liked that. Really, really liked that. That solid, strong, masculine presence behind him. JC rippled again, only this time, Joey caught his arms, brought them down and pinned them between their two bodies. Pulled him close. Leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"Nice action, Chasez. Is that a promise you're making, or are you just teasing?"

Oh. Oh. JC, suddenly breathless, wriggled sideways and backwards. "A promise," he gasped.

"That's good to know," Joey breathed into his ear. "I have a few promises, too." He pressed his pelvis closer to JC's, and the rigid heat there was unmistakably a promise of good, good things to come. Hee. So was that hand that made a swift circuit across JC's chest and right down over his taut stomach to flick over his groin. JC's hips responded with an involuntary shimmy, and Joey laughed wickedly. "But it'll have to keep. We got work to do."



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