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Fiction by Pen . . . . . not real, made up, purely intended for entertainment

It's astounding

Another response to fic_requests. Those who know about these things will notice quite correctly
that I have stolen most of the dialogue from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Against the shattering roar of midnight thunder, Chris thought he heard the doorbell.

Improbable. But not as improbable as the sight on his doorstep. Drowned-rat wet, a stacked redhead in an inadequate black dress. Chris's gaze went down to the just-visible stocking-tops, oh yeah, surveyed the legs - shapely, not skinny - and up again to the... little white lacy apron thing, which huh? and the glare of huge green eyes in a sea of rain-smeared kohl.

"Are you going to let me in?"

Chris nearly swallowed his tongue. "Bass?"

Lance huffed at him.

"You're all wet," said Chris stupidly.

"Yes. It's raining."

Beginning to grin, Chris ushered Lance into the kitchen (linoleum floor), and went to fetch towels. "So," he said cheerfully. Lance had removed the sodden auburn wig, but was still wet, cross-dressed and startlingly hot. "Tell me, why is such a perfect specimen of manhood—"

"Don't start," Lance threatened.

"Just gimme the precis?"

"Party. Out of gas. Light over at the Kirkpatrick place."

"So you came over for some... hospitality?" Chris shimmied closer.

"It's astounding," said Lance, dryly.

"You know, some people would give their right arm for the privilege," Chris pointed out, reaching for one of the towels. "You need a friendly hand?" He groped innocently up Lance's thigh to the top of the stocking. "Cause I need action."

Lance eased out of his stilettos. "Okay."

"Okay? Okay? I think we can do better than that."



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