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Index of Adam Lambert stories


The Bouquet Series (Adam/Lance Bass)

BouquetLance was not sure he wanted to meet Adam Lambert. On the one hand, incredibly hot guy, great singer, on the other hand, there was that little throwaway dig he'd made about 'celebrity-magazine bullshit' in his coming-out interview. Lance wasn't sure if that meant him or not, but he'd had too much experience of that kind of crap to discount it completely, and he didn't want to risk having his fears confirmed. (Long) Written for the RPF Big Bang challenge, September 2009.

Out-take: Ring, ring-a ling-a In which Lance arranges a small gift for Adam. Set during the tour. (mini)

Out-takes: Acacia and Pink Hyacinth; little extras, because I couldn't quite bring myself to stop writing it. (short)

Switch In which Lance and Adam try something they haven't tried before (short)

Photoshoot (about three months after the end of Bouquet). Adam is nervous. Lance helps. (short)

The Adam Lambert Experience It's Halloween, and the boys are going to a costume party. (short)

Feast, or, what every gay Jewish boy want for Christmas In which Lance thinks of a spectacular way to celebrate the festive season (long)

Ribbons, Bows and Beads In which Lance gives Adam a day-after-his-birthday present

It could be a case of cheating Apparently the rules weren't quite specific enough—one of the contestants is not human. (mini)(AI8, gen)

Lucky Pretty Eyes Adam works in a bar, and can't help but notice the prettiest boy in the world (short)(Adam/Brad)

can't see the wood for the 42Ds Adam wakes up to the startling discovery that some of his favorite bits are missing, and he has acquired others which make it difficult to fit into his clothes. (medium) (Adam/Lance Bass)

Sonnets I saw a prompt for Adam/Shakespeare, and couldn't resist (Adam/Shakespeare)

Checking for Titanium what do you give the guy who has, if not everything, at least everything he wants? (medium)(Adam/Kris) Written for the kradam_holidays Christmas fic exchange 2010

Sparrowhawk and Beeswax (long, Adam/OMC, features Kris Allen) Regency AU Adam's employer is invited to stay on a grand estate, and Adam is nervous in case he gives himself away. Written for the So Hot Out The Bed Valentine exchange 2012

Wanna Tell Me About It?producer. Their first meeting does not go well.

Dragon Country (long, Adam/Lance) In a world not altogether unlike ours, Lance Bass is an employment agent and part-time dragon hunter, and Adam Lambert, who wears dragon-hide boots, is looking for a job. Warning: contains a scene of rape and violence.

Perceptions of Reality JC's sculptures may not even be the weirdest thing about him. (long)

Wanna Tell Me About It (Extended Version) present-day AU in which Adam Lambert is an aspiring actor and Lance is a TV producer. (long)



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